Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 NFL Season, Week 12 Results

So, I forgot to post my prediction results from last week slate of NFL games.  Here they are.  My record was 13-3, which is pretty good, but not sensational.

I still did very well, especially when compared with the ESPN crew.  However, they are catching up.  Mark Schlereth beat me with a record of 14-2.  Good job, Mark!  Both of us missed on the Rams, incidentally.  Several dudes managed to tie my record of 13-3. This would include Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter as well as the Pick'em gambling service.  You can see all the results here.

Hendry's coin did not fare very well this week.  Th coin was 9-7.  Yes, this is a winning record, but the coin did not beat a single human prognosticator at ESPN.  It got close to Golic, but he was still better by one game.  Here are the results of the coin toss.