Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baked Rye Bread

So, I just took my first swing at plain-ole rye bread. I didn't add Caraway seeds or anything. This is just 100 grams of rye, 100 grams of high-gluten wheat, 300 grams of water, 1 packet of instant rapid rise yeast, 8 grams of salt.

I just swirled it together according to the Sullivan street no-knead method, straight out of Hell's Kitchen, and I let it ferment for about 15 hours.

I cranked my oven as high as it would go (roughly 500F) preheating my Emile Henry dutch oven in the process. I baked it for 33 minutes with the lid on tight. I uncovered it and baked for another 15 minutes. It came out very nice, if you ask me. The flavor is outstanding.

Check out the crumb structure of this bread. I know I have showed you this video before, but have another look.