Thursday, December 1, 2011

OYE! Gary Kubiak! Claim McNabb off waviers!

So the word on the street is that Donovan McNabb may not be claimed now that he has been wavied by the Vikings.  I have only one thing to say to that:

OYE!  Gary Kubiak!  Claim McNabb off waviers!

I can't think of a well-positioned playoff team better equipped to take advantage of his skills, and yet so hard pressed for a QB.  You guys are calling in dregs right now.  You aught to grab McNabb for the duration of this season, because he is drastically better than anything you've got.  Yeah, the guy has limits and there are questions about whether he has anything in the tank.  Don't worry about it.  He's still drastically better than anything you've got.  He'll get you to the playoffs, which is where you want to be.

Some may be afraid of Matt Schaub vs, Donovan McNabb QB controversy, but I don't see any reason to worry about that.  This may not be the long-term gig McNabb wants, but it is an opportunity to redeem an otherwise disastrous season by leading a good team into the playoffs.  If he does this, the next long-term gig may be there.

Is he a system fit?  Why not.  You run the West Coast.  He has run the West Coast.  You have a very good running game, and the best receiver in football.  He aught to be happy.

I really want to see the Texans in the playoffs this season, and this is the only way I can see it happening.