Saturday, December 3, 2011

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

So, I have a very funny little diddy about Synastry for you today.  I just finished watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. As you may or may not know, this is an early 2010 movie that has made its way to HBO recently.

I found myself strangely transfixed by this movie, unable to get up off my ass and begin my workout day.  I also found myself ignoring the SEC Championship game, preferring to watch this movie instead.  I never, never, never do such a thing.  To make this phenomenon even more peculiar, this is a semi-cheesy kids movie.  Not the sort of thing I will spend time watching.  I had to admit, I was having a very good time with it.  I just liked it for some reason.

As I usually do, I went to IMDB just a few moments ago to have a look at the cast synastry.  Something was going on there that made a questionable story project very palatable to me.  I figured it was good team work brought to you by good synastry.  Well, let me tell you what I found.

  1. Logan Lerman, the star in the title role, is a January 19, 1992 Capricorn kid.  I have mentioned on this blog before that my highest possible Capricorn score in this lifetime just happens to be January 16, 1992 Capricorn girl.  Logan was born just 3 days off the maximum theoretical point.  This still yields him remarkable synastry scores versus me.  This is probably why I had no difficulty accepting him in the title role, and found him instantly likable.
  2. Alexandra Daddario, the #2 role and Logan's love interest/side kick, just happens to be a March 16, 1986 Pisces girl. I have mentioned 100 times on this blog that Kepler and Sirus project the March 12, 1986 Pisces girls as the highest of all possible total combined scores versus me in this lifetime.  Young Alexandra was born just 4 days off the maximum theoretical synastry point in my life.  This still yields her remarkable scores.  This must be why I found her very likeable, and was sweating bullets when she was in trouble in Medusa's garden.
  3. Brandon T. Jackson, the #3 character, just happens to be a March 7, 1984 Pisces guy.  1984 is not a good year for me and Pisces, this according to Sirus and Kepler.  Still, there is a basal affinity between me and most Pisces.  This is why I was willing to overlook and even enjoy some aspects of his cheezy part.  It's not his fault they wrote a whacky role for him.
  4. Of course, Uma Thurmon is a Taurus girl, born April 29, 1970.  I don't have wonderful scores versus Uma, but I have always liked her work.
  5. Then we have Rosario Dawson.  It was not until this moment that I discovered she is May 9, 1979 Taurus woman.  That's one day away from the girl I know at work; the who I have compared to Ideal Trine Companion A.  Of course, this means Rosario Dawson compares very favorably to  Ideal Trine Companion A.  In fact she is better, because she has the ideal Mercury position in Taurus.   Wow... what a surprise!  Rosario and I have a boat load of scores in the 200 range.  'Tis a pitty I have not met her.
  6. Pierce Brosnan is also in this movie, and he just happens to be a Taurus guy also.  Pierce appears in a teacher/trainer role, and he seems to favor student Logan quite a bit in this movie.  I found it believable.  It seemed natural.  It should, a Taurus teacher will usually favor a Capricorn kid.
  7. For Poseidon, the director picked a Leo guy named Kevin McKidd.  For Hades, he picked a Libra dude named Steve Coogan. 
So are you ready for the cherry on top?  Here is the unifying thread that ties the whole puzzle together.  The director of this movie is Chris Columbus, a September 10, 1958 Virgo boy.  Incidentally, he's birthday buddies with my sister, born Sept 10, 1963.

So Mr. Columbus, a Virgo, picks a bunch of Capricorns, Taurus and Pisces people to feature in his movie.  For a couple of important god-like figures, he reached for a Leo and Libra.  These are the guys next door in the Zodiac, and folks we are very well disposed towards.

I must say, he picked a very good team that I liked.  He did what I would have done.  He picked the ones he liked best.  Further, both his taste and mine are hilariously predictable based on the basic theory of synastry.  We don't even have to reach for the advanced stuff.

One more interesting fact:  Most of the other important characters, particularly maternal and paternal characters are played by Aries folk.  I too, have very high synastry with the Aries people.  I don't know why that is, as Virgo and Aries exist at a 150 degree angle known as the inconjunct, or the broken angle. This means we have nothing in common.  Still, I've got mega-scores versus Aries.  I suspect Chris Columbus does also.