Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 NFL Season, Week 13 Predictions & Picks

I want to issue a red tomato can alert this week.  There are some deadly traps on this weeks schedule for the would-be swammy and prognosticator.  The toughest picks on the board are the match-ups between the weaker teams.  Inconsistency among the week is the crucial key to our pick'em misery.  You have to figure out which tomato can is going to show up and play the best.

It's not easy.  Consider the Eagles and Seahawks.  These are two non-contenders who were both playoff teams last year.  Both have struggled this season, although they have a number of wins over quality teams.  Which tomato can is going to show up this week?  I am betting on Vince Young, and against the Seattle 12th man.  It's a dangerous gamble either way.

Consider the Panthers and Bucs.  The Bucs were a team I thought highly of this past off-season.  They are not enjoying this lost season.  They have really struggled, despite winning a few great upsets.  The Panthers have been greatly invigorated by Cam Newton, despite the fact that they haven't won much.  Which tomato can do you take?  It's a trap either way.  I think I will bet on Super Cam.

Consider the Chargers and Jags.  The Chargers have every reason to expect victory.  The Jags are a foundering ship, struggling with internal termoil right now.  The Chargers better win it, or Norv is toast, but will the Chargers win this game?  Which tomato can do you take?