Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Janus 4.3 regarding me and the Taurus Ascendant

So here is the boiler-plate text generated by Janus 4.3 every time a female happens to have a Taurus Ascendant, in this case, the text was harvested from a report generated for a female born 5/8/1979... one I happen to know.

In this case, Mars managed to escape the 5th House.  It get's crazier in cases when Mars is in the 5th house.

His Sun is in your 5th House
Let the good times roll. You have fun together and quickly learn how to make each other happy. You feel good in one another's company. He can unlock the doors to your creative talents and lead you on the road to self-discovery. Children may be an important aspect of your relationship.

 His Mercury is in your 5th House
Every day with David is play day. He knows how to inject some fun into your life and is constantly coming up with suggestions of things to do. If you have any creative or artistic leanings he may give you ideas or offer constructive criticism. You may have an interest in the same hobbies.
His Uranus is in your 5th House
There's a good chance that your attraction to David took you by surprise and came upon you quite suddenly. You looked up one day and there he was. This is one of those 'love at first sight' affairs that tend to start and end quite abruptly. The key to your relationship is to live for the moment and enjoy the now.
His Pluto is in your 5th House
You have an almost undeniable attraction to David. He wields a powerful influence over you and in your love-life there is great passion and intensity in your love-making. You may feel possessive towards one another. Your relationship never becomes stale and routine because it is constantly regenerating.
His Ascendant is in your 5th House
Every now and then someone comes along who we feel instantly attracted to; David is such a person. His personality hits just the right chord in your heart. You can't help but feel close to him. You know you can have fun together.