Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 8th House

Live and learn.  I did a considerable amount of reading last night before falling asleep.  The reading was about about the Astrological House system.  It was quite fascinating  It would seem that there is one more important House I need to consider in MySynastryEngine.  This is the 8th House.

The 8th House is naturally ruled by Scorpio.  It is associated with Death, Rebirth, Transformation, and... yes... you guessed it... sex.  Scorpio is a femmie water sign, exhibits high levels of fertility, and we all know that Scorpios have the absolute highest sex drive in the zodiac.   Scorpio rules the male gentiles, according to rumor.  This makes the 8th House a big one for karmic unions.

I had a fairly poor understanding of the 8th House before this reading.  I understood the 8th House as the house of death, reincarnation, and transformation.  I understood it had things to do with regenerative processes such as surgery, medical treatments and healing.  It turns out that this House deals with the wheel of Samsara more than anything else.  This is the cycle of death, sex, conception rebirth, life death, sex, conception and rebirth.  The mysteries of life and the life-force are found here.

According to the readings last night, this is the House ruling the reproductive drives, mergers of all kinds, marriage consummation  and intimacy in all forms.  These authors deny the 5th House controls reproduction.  The 5th House is just the house of child rearing and parenthood as an occupation, not conception, fertility or sex.

So the 8th House is absolutely crucial, is it?  What implications does this hold for yours truly? It means any woman with an Aquarius Ascendant is in mega-deep dooh-doo versus me.   Why is this?  If her Ascending sign is Aquarius, Aquarius rules her 1st house.  If Aquarius rules the 1st House, Virgo rules her 8th House and Leo rules her 7th House.  This is a double-whammy versus me.  This means most of my power-planets {e.g. Ascendant, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, etc.} land in her 8th House, and whilst Venus and Mars land in her 7th House.  The effect is devastating, like a 5 megaton H-bomb.

There are some warnings about join finances in this configuration, however, the results should be impressive.

Conversely, any woman with a concentration of power planets in Aries and Pisces is going to put the whammy on me.  Pisces is on my 7th House and Aries rules my 8th House.  For the first time, Sirus's projections of the 538 score for the 4/13/1979 Aries woman would seem to make some sense.  This is an Aries woman with considerable Pisces in her chart.  As such, she is afflicted with internal Fire-Water conflicts, but she has the right stuff to mess me up... this according to the Housing system.  The strange thing is that Sirus seems to make it's calculations without reference to the Housing system... go figure.

So the object lesson for the Synastry engine designer is this:  The whole game of Synastry is beginning to resemble a game of Spades played on a roulette wheel with 12 slots on it.  Those 12 slots are almost like books in Spades.  You want your cards to naturally fall into book 5, 7 and 8.  This is how you score victories in the romance game.  Likewise, you need her cards to fall into books 5, 7 and 8 of your housing system.