Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A short little diddy about House-Based Synastry

Welcome to Sagittarius Season.  Today, November 22, is the first day of Sagittarius... at least from a tropical Zodiac and goecentric point of view.

This past Scorpio season turned out to be quite a learning experience for me.  I studied the charts of many female Scorpios as their birthdays passed by.  I frequently compared them to mine.  I learned several unexpected things.

First of all, any Scorpio female born around noon time is likely to have an ascending sign Pisces.  This trend becomes more pronounced as the Scorpio month continues. According to certain Synastry engines--not Sirus or Kepler--I have blistering scores versus *_ANY_* female with an Ascending sign of Pisces.

Why is that?  A Pisces Ascendant means that the first house of the individual's chart is in Pisces.  We start the housing system there.  Mathematically, this necessarily means that Virgo is the ruler of the 7th House of the individual's chart.  The 7th House is the house of marriage and partnership.

Now, you have to understand that I am no ordinary run of the mill Virgo.  I am a Super Virgo.  I am a Virgo with an Ascendant of Virgo, and a whole bunch of Virgo planets in my first house.  This includes my Sun. Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus.  I also have some asteroids there, including Vesta.

Theoretically, any female with an Ascendant of Pisces, and therefore Virgo on the 7th House, has to deal with the influence of all my power-planets right-schmack in her 7th House:  The house of marriage and partnership.  According to Janus 4.3, this is supposed to have a pretty overwhelming affect upon the lucky girl or the unfortunate victim.  Particularly, Uranius in the 7th House is supposed to create instantaneous love-at-first-sight experiences.  Further, Pluto in the 7th house is supposed to give me overwhelming power and influence over such females.

In a good scenario, such a female may believe immediately that I am 'the one and only'.  In an adverse situation she may feel overwhelmed, panic, and run away from me.  In a truly adverse situation, she may feel completely dominated and oppressed by me, despite the fact that I have done nothing to warrant such a conclusion.

So be warned:  Any Scorpio female born around noon is in big trouble if she comes up against me in a party.  Further, any female born with an Ascendant of Pisces is in trouble if she bumps into me in a singles situation. You are doomed.  You are like an unfortunate quarterback facing Ndamukong Suh.

I also learned that any female with an Ascendant of Taurus is immediately & completely doomed to an obsessive and compulsive, all-consuming, exhausting sexual relationship with me... if we should happen to meet.  We're talking fatal attraction here. 

Why is that?  A Taurus Ascendant means Taurus rules the first house.  This means Virgo rules the 5th House.  The 5th House is the house of sex, pleasure, reproduction, and recreation.  Any female with an Ascendant of Taurus is going to find all of my power planets schmack in her 5th House, tugging away at her sexual and reproductive drives. Besides that, you have a natural affinity between Virgo and Taurus at play here.

She won't know what hit her.  The presence of Pluto in the 5th House is supposed to have nearly unspeakable consequences.   She will want to play house immediately.  She might become violent if I should happen to hesitate.  Be warned...  You can't say I didn't warn you...

[As a quick side note:  It's funny that this has never happened to me.  There must be plenty of girls with an Ascendant of Taurus.  In fact, at this point, I am feeling mighty damn rejected by the earth clan.  The Taurus and Capricorn girls will have nothing to do with me.  Nearly all the chicks who have flirted with me on-line have been Leos.]

Finally, I discovered that any female with an Ascendant of Aquarius is also in for a shocker if she bumps into me.  Why is that?  Well, we start her housing system with Aquarius, and this naturally makes Leo the ruler of her 7th House.  I just happen to have two crucial power planets in Leo:  Venus and Mars.  If you put Venus and Mars in the house of marriage and partnership.. well... let's just say that's like putting dynamite in the oil furnace.

Same thing if her Ascenant happens to be in Aries. This would place my Venus and Mars in her 5th House.  Put Venus and Mars in the house of sex and pleasure and we're talking about big trouble in little China.

There is a general lesson to be taken out of my specific case.  If you happen to have a concentration of powerful planets in one sign, you look for people with an Ascenant of the opposite sign.  Alternately, you count back 5 signs from that concentration, and look for people with that Ascenant.  Your power planets will be concentrated in his/her 7th House or 5th House.  This will lead to some serious shaking and quaking.

There is also a lesson here for the software engineer working on a synastry engine.  My synastry engine should be designed to look for these concentrations of power planets, and automatically seek candidates with opposing Ascendants, or Ascendants 5 signs back.  These will be the highest-percentage candidates for life's journey.