Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Janus 4.3 regarding me and the Pisces Ascendant

Just thought I would show you the boiler-plate text Janus 4.3 serves up every single time I compare myself to any female with a Pisces Ascenant.  The text is very interesting, and very funny.  This particular text was harvested from the report of a female born 11/21/1979, so her housing system actually placed my Venus in her 7th House also.

Read it and weep, oh Scorpio girls born around noon time.

His Sun is in your 7th House
This is a classic partnership combination. You recognise just how important David is in your life. It is as if you and he are meant for one another. He lights up your life and shows you what relationships are all about - for better or worse.
His Mercury is in your 7th House
You think of David as your partner and personal sounding board. There are things that you can say to him that only he can understand and appreciate. You are attracted to his intelligence and way of thinking. He stimulates you mentally and there is an ease of communication between you.
His Venus is in your 7th House
This is a significant relationship in life. He opens you up to the power of love and you can feel that you have found 'Mr or Mrs Right'. Partnership or marriage is important to you both. Being together and sharing special experiences rocks both of your boats.
His Uranus is in your 7th House
Don't expect a conventional relationship with David because it just 'ain't gonna happen'. He is looking for someone to have different and stimulating experiences with and this is one of the reasons you are attracted to each other. Life with him is exciting and never ever boring.

His Pluto is in your 7th House
Be very sure that you want this relationship with David. There are issues of power and control between you, with him being the partner that wants to do all the controlling. You may be drawn to him through some kind of hidden force that you may find hard to break away from.

His Ascendant is in your 7th House
You 'know' this person. In David, you recognise a buddy who could be that and more. You may be hanging out together for quite some time.