Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dave versus the Coin Toss, Week 12 Update

The Hendry's quarter may have beaten me on Thanksgiving day, but it didn't beat me today or this week.  For the second straight week, my victory over the coin is assured prior to the Monday Night finale.

My record is currently 12-3, and likely to go 13-3.  Hendry's quarter is currently 8-7, and likely to go 9-7.  We both have the Saints favored tomorrow night.  My error rate is less than half of the random coin toss. The quarter picked the Vikings, Jags, Bucs, Colts, Seahawks, Bears and Chiefs, all of whom lost.  This is a 5-7 record on Sunday.   On the other hand, I only missed on the Rams and Seahawks, giving me a 10-2 record on Sunday.

If I had simply continued to roll with my Ravens and if I had not been such a hommer with my Rams, I could have been 14-1 right now.  As you will recall, I was skeptical of my Rams, but I couldn't bring myself to pick the Cardinals.  That was too much to bare.  I made a mistake there.  Next time, grin and bare it like a bear.  It is what it is.