Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 8 Results

Oh it was a mighty fine week indeed!  My best week ever.  My record in week 8 was 11-2.  I beat every last expert at ESPN.  You can see the facts right here for yourself.  I should have bet money in Vegas.  I would have made a load of cash.

However, the results were still better than they appear.  My Rams upset the hell out of the Saints.  This was one of my two losses.  I will count that as an honorary win, even though it goes down on my record as a loss.  I was happy to be wrong in this case.

This means I had only one real defeat this week.  This was the Vikings vs. Panthers game in which Christian Ponder outgunned Cam Newton.  This was a bit surprising, but not a mind blowing things.  Let's face the facts folks:  These are two teams with losing records, both last year and this year.  Further, they both started rookie QBs.  It's terribly difficult to figure out who will win such a battle.  Choosing between two tomato cans is tougher than choosing between two heavy weights.  Inconsistency is one of properties of lesser football teams.

I will consider things very carefully before posting my Week 9 predictions.  I still hope for an undefeated week.