Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So why does the media want Tiger to be a standup guy?

This is the first and the last thing I will ever write about the Tiger Woods scandal.

At this moment in time, everybody in the Sports-Talk world is chiding the living hell out of Tiger Woods. They are all calling on him to show his face. Come out of hiding. Be a standup guy. Hold a news conference. Face the music. You won't be forgiven by America until you do.

Jim Rome and Jim Hill are two of the foremost malefactors in this endeavor. Everybody else is doing it also.

So why does Sports-Talk want Tiger to do a conference? Do they want him to be a 'stand up guy'? Do they want him to be forgiven? Do they want to speed the healing process? Do they want to save his marriage?

Fuck no! They want to make money on the media frenzy it will create. You have to remember, we are dealing with stock-raving media whores here. I am talking about flaming media whores. A Tiger Woods press conference would be a huge event right now. Not quite Ali Frazier, but close. Not as good as the Super Bowl in 2 months, but a nice appetizing snack right now. It will also up ratings like crazy, which ups advertiser dollars. It's all about the money.

When Jim Rome, or Jim Hill, or Colin Cowherd or any of these guys calls on Tiger to be a stand up guy, just remember: This is a ploy to make some money.

Personally, I have no need to see Tiger in public at all. He can take 2 or 4 years off and I am just fine with that. If he is working on repairing his family life, I am very happy with that. If he is getting plastic surgery to repair damage to his face, that's none of my business. I don't need to see that.

Personally, I hope Tiger does not cave into the pressure and do a news conference. I hope he does not show up for at least 11 more months. Let him have his time off. He doesn't owe the media another feeding frenzy. He doesn't owe me anything.

As I say that, I know hearts at ESPN are sinking. The thought of Tiger staying out of the spotlight for 11 months makes them weep with the thoughts of cash registers less full than they might otherwise be. I hope you starve on this one!

Don't lend your support to flaming media whores by parroting what they are saying on the radio. Just remember, they are in it for the money.