Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick note about the Packers

Just a quick thought or two about the Packers before I get underway this evening. Those who read this blog will know that I picked the Packers vs. Saints as the NFC championship game after the 4 preseason games. I also picked the Colts vs. Dolphins in the AFC championship at the same time. These looked like the 4 most outstanding teams to me in the 1st quarters of those 4 preason games.

Most would say that picking the two undefeated teams that early on is pretty good football prognosticating. They would have forgiven me for those other two picks, which didn't look so good a few weeks ago.

Lo-and-behold! Guess who is coming on strong all of a sudden?!?! The Packers are getting pretty hot as Green Bay is getting pretty cold. Did you hear what Steve Young had to say about these guys? He believes that Aaron Rogers is close to being the best QB in the league, and (of course) the Pack has the #1 yardage defense in the league. As Young correctly pointed out, this is spells serious trouble for Packer opponents in the playoffs. A highly efficient QB coupled with a powerful defense usually spells victory in the playoffs. Young believes that the Packers can cause some serious damage if they can only lock down a wildcard birth.

Some would dismiss Young as cheering for Rogers, a kid who is on very parallel path to the one Young suffered in his pro-career. Most of the guys on MNF and ESPN did not dismiss this analysis. Neither do I. Rogers is what is cracked up to be. The Packers' defense is getting stronger and stronger.

Now wouldn't it be something if those Packers just happened to get through to the NFC Championship game in the Super Dome against the Saints? Calling 3 out of the final 4 is pretty damn good football prognosticating.