Friday, December 11, 2009

So Cleveland just blew the 2010 Draft Order

No sooner to I publish a prophecy of the NFL 2010 draft than do the Browns pull off an improbable victory over the world champs, and blow their spot sky-high. It really doesn't matter that much. We have several more games to go. Anything could happen. Both the Rams and the Bucs could garner a victory... maybe. Anyhow, here we are. Now what?

Honestly, I don't see a lot of change to the profile. I still see the Browns worried about Shaun Rogers, and in need of a serious NT prospect. Ergo, Mount Cody. I still see the Rams in despirate need of a franchise (if not Hall of Fame) QB. Ergo, Snead. I still find the Bucs in need of a rebuilt Tampa-2. Ergo, Suh. There may be some jostling there, but I see all of these teams being able to get precisely what they need out of this draft