Thursday, December 17, 2009

O.S.I. Umenyiora

So, the rumors have it that O.S.I. Umenyiora is in trouble in New York. Umenyiora was benched before the Cowboy game for a lack of production. The move was attributed to he head coach Tom Coughlin, but it is rumored to have to come from new Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan. As you know, he was coach Spagnuolo's replacement in New York.

Osi bounced back well after the benching, but the Giants did not defeat the Eagles. The Eagle defense hung a 40-burger on the once-proud Giant defense. Every media outlet in New York is weeping and lamenting the loss of coach Spagnuolo and they are pointing the finger at Bill Sheridan. The funny thing is that Sheridan is pointing the finger at guys like Osi, whilst Osi is covering Sheridan's ass. Osi has tried to exonerate Sheridan in media stories like this one.

Rumor has it that the Giants may release a guy like Osi rather than fire a guy like Sheridan. That would be a mistake. Still, it could be an extremely profitable mistake for the Rams. Do you think Mr. Umenyiora would like to play for Coach Spags again? Do you think he is lamenting the loss of yesteryear? Do you think the Rams could use Umenyiora regardless of whether Leonard Little retires or not?

I am almost certain Coach Spagnuolo is watching this developing situation with great interest.