Sunday, December 27, 2009

So I am compiling my Best Movies of the Decade list

So for some reason, everybody seems to be publishing their Best Movies of the Decade List. This despite the fact that the decade will not be officially over for another year. Anyhow, I thought I would join the fray. My list currently contains about 70 movies, and it isn't quite ready. I will publish it when it is pruned and blossomed.

Just to prep you for the list, here are some of my criteria:
  1. Art films need not apply
  2. Emotional Meltdowns need not apply
  3. Inspirational movies need not apply
  4. Chick Flicks need not apply
  5. Most Oscar winners are suspect
  6. Heavy preference is given to Sci-Fi
  7. Strong preference is given to animation
  8. Horror is considered, but frowned upon
  9. In short, this is a guy's list of entertaining movies.
  10. I am not doing this to please he academy.
  11. My objective is to compile a reliable list of good entertainment for guys like me.
  12. I want any ordinary guy to be able to pick an item of this list, see, and be glad he did.
70 over a decade produces and average of about 7 per year if you count the year 2000 (which you should not). When you stop to think about it, that really isn't very much entertainment for guys like me. An average of 7 movies per year leaves us high and dry for good entertainment much of the year. No wonder we watch so much football.