Sunday, December 6, 2009

BCS Bowl Picture

For the record, the 2010 Bowl picture looks like this:

  • The BCS Championship Game Texas vs Alabama
  • The Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. TCU
  • The Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa
  • The Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinnati
  • The Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Ohio State
  • The Capital One Bowl: Penn State vs. LSU
  • The Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma State
  • The Holiday Bowl: Nebraska vs. Arizona
  • The Emerald Bowl: USC vs. Boston College
  • The Gator Bowl: Florida State vs. West Virginia
That covers most of the good ones. Of all these, I suspect that the Cotton Bowl will be the surprise thriller of the bunch. You have two very good offenses, and two very under-rated football teams there.

Georgia Tech vs. Iowa will be the ugliest game on the board. Expect lots of mishaps, and a lopsided final in favor of Georgia Tech. Iowa has been served up to Georgia on a platter.

Florida vs. Cincinnati will be the most intriguing match up on the board, period. The defending national champs have a danger match ahead of them. It would be easy for such a prestigeous firm to overlook the little-respected Bearcats. Tim Tebow and company need to come in with their heads firmly screwed on right. This is Tim's swan-song and he wants go out on the right side of the score. Florida can still finish #2 in the rankings, I think.

I suspect Alabama and Texas will have a brutal contest. That will be smash mouth to the ultimate degree. Expect a 1990-1991 NFC championship game there. Absolutely crushing defense on both teams. I expect a very low scoring affair. The over-under should be at 20. I'll take under with a 10-9 final score.