Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Results of the Meeting


So I just returned from my (hopefully) first meeting with Colin’s sister in law, Caroline. What were the results of this meeting? Simple and complicated. In a single word: Indecisive. No conclusion was reached. However, I think this was a starting point, not an ending point. This is not too difficult to understand, if you happen to be a Virgo guy.

What happened?

The birthday party took place at Shakey’s Pizza in Culver City, not far from the NFL Network. It was very well attended. There were probably 30-35 people there. We occupied many tables. Not precisely an intimate gathering at home.

I got a look at her. She got a look at me. We were introduced by Valerie. She scampered off to sit with a group of girls. I sat down with her dad and Colin’s dad, and we had one hell of a conversation about the economic meltdown of 2008, Inside Job, and politics in California. As you well know, I absolutely did not want to discuss the NFL Draft.

There was a surveillance operation going on both sides of the fence. She was observing me, and I was observing her. We did not converse. At the end of the party we shook hands and said “It was a pleasure meeting you”.

We will see what happens next.

That’s all?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this was a complete failure and disaster. If you are a fire/air type, you are fundamentally biased to think that. You guys are aggressive, impulsive, and have fast-lite ignition switches. Earth people ain’t like that. Virgo and Capricorn are especially not like that. Taurus is a little more like that, but still not like that.

How would I interpret these events?

  • I got every impression that she knew why I was there. Valerie gave her a full briefing. Conversely, I know she showed up anyhow, and was willing to be introduced.
  • There was no thunderbolt of love at first site.
  • I got a shy and even fearful vibe off her. She was not prepared to engage in a 2 hour “getting to know you” conversation just yet. I totally get that. I am exactly the same way. How can you be any other way in these situations?
  • I did not get the impression that she is a generally fearful and shy woman. On the contrary, I got the impression that she’s pretty damn bold… about everything else in the world besides a potential suitor.
  • She was cautiously evaluating me, even as I was cautiously evaluating her.
  • Caroline maintained a poker face and played her cards close to the vest. As the Star Goddess says, Capricorn women are difficult to read because they maintain a stony face. It is often hard for a man to discern whether she likes him or hates him. She often won’t show either case.
  • I never got a hard negative vibe from her.
  • I think she did not reach a decision. She collected information and has taken it under advisement.
  • I don’t think she will be hasty in making a decision either.
  • I am sure she will ask her dad for details about our conversation, and his impression of me.
  • Was there any chemistry? On my side I can tell you I liked the way she looks. She has a beautiful face. She has a very characteristic French Capricorn look, and that looks plenty good to me.
  • I will have to ask for some feedback from Valery to see if Carolina liked the way I look.
  • If we had had a conversation, I could tell you more.
  • I got along great with her dad. This is as it should be. His birthday was two days ago. He is a Taurus.

I’m pretty sure I understand what she was up to. This was a mirror operation occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. I got every impression I was dealing with a personality similar to mine.

Earth people are cautious, conservative, discrete, never impulsive or reckless. We don’t gamble and we don’t throw caution to the wind. We play our cards close to the vest. We like to cautiously observe, evaluate, go home, think about it, and make a decision about having a second look. We’ll take a second look, and maybe a third.

Sometime this evening, after carefully consideration, she will decide whether she liked her first look or not. She’ll decide whether she wants a second look.

You know what? Her approach suited me just fine. This is precisely what I wanted to do at this event. It didn’t take me too long to decide afterward. About 20 minutes after driving away, I decided I would like a second look. I would like to see if anything more develops in the second round.

If something big comes out of this meeting, it will take considerable time to develop. We are not hasty people. You make a decision only when you feel you have sufficient facts and information to make a solid decision with reasonable certainty. You don’t take any longer than necessary to make a decision, but you don’t skip steps or take short-cuts. That’s how mistakes happen.

If you think that’s anti-romantic, you simply lack understanding. Earth people are petty sensitive. When we get hurt, we really get hurt. The damage is profound, and it takes years to recover. Caution is a defense mechanism. Why do we get hurt? Because we get really, truly, madly, deeply involved. When we decide, we really decide.

I get it. Trust me, I understand this approach completely.


I have to say, this was an intriguing exercise this afternoon. Several things I have been told about Capricorn-Virgo meeting/courtship were very evident this afternoon. This is a good thing. Predictability permits good and careful planning. You like that if you are earth people.

Editors note: I am not worried about the claws.