Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick memo to the NFL Network, Let's talk with Mike Holmgren

So, I had a little idea last night: Let's see Mike Holmgren on NFL Total Access & Path to the Draft in a week or so. Break the piggy bank, send out the private jet, pick him up in Cleveland and bring him to Los Angeles. Put him up in the Hotel Intercontinental, and have the limmo bring him in.

What are his qualifications?
  1. He was a USC quarterback and a teammate of O.J. Simpson back in the day
  2. He was drafted in the 8th round of the 1970 draft by the St. Louis Cardinals.
  3. He coached at BYU where they ran one hell of a passing attack
  4. He was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers during their best years.
  5. He was once head coach of the Packers, restoring them to them to an elite status with a championship.
  6. He was once the head coach of the Seahawks where they should have won the Super Bowl if the refs hadn't raped them.
  7. He is a Gemini with a real bad thing for Libra quarterbacks. Steve Young, Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck are all Libras. The top QB in this 2011 draft happens to be a Libra, incidentally.
  8. Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker happens to be Geminis. Jake Locker and Mike Holmgren just happen to share the same birthday. What a co-inky-dinky!
  9. He happens to be the world's foremost authority on the QB position, having developed dudes like Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, and others. You might want to give him a partial credit for Kurt Warner.
  10. He just happens to be the President of the Cleveland Browns.
Obviously this guy has a lot of history. I think it would be most illuminating to have Mike Holmgren on the show, and ask him all kinds of questions about the QBs in this draft. He is the world's foremost authority on the subject, you know. I think it would be very interesting to get his take on this QB class.

Last year, Holmgren was one of the few guys who tweaked on Clausen... and admitted it. I was another. I would like to hear his take on guys like Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, etc.

My predictions? He will say pretty flattering things about Blaine Gabbert. Cam Newton? Not so much. Gabbert is pretty much Holmgren's kind of a guy. If he offers any critique it will be something like "The price is too high. He costs too much."

What about Cam? Well... I'll bet Cam's not exactly Mike's kind of a guy.

You know, we just had this ugly PR flap regarding the character assessment of Cam Newton, and I think it would be a good thing to refocus the debate on mechanics, skills, achievement, and potential. What better guy to help us with this than Mike Holmgren?

Aside from talking quarterbacks, you can do the state of the franchise on the Cleveland Browns with Mike's help. You can put the Browns on the clock with Mike's help. You can also discus the present labor strife with an actual president of an actual franchise. This would be good, because this is a dude who should know something.

Let's make it happen!