Saturday, April 16, 2011

A few bits of Ram-News

The Rams play the Bears in the Hall of Fame Game?

Maybe... We'll see. This is a classic example of counting your chickens before they are hatched. We need to get out of this lockout first. Many think this lockout will persist until we miss a few pre-season games. When the paychecks go missing and the box office recipes are wiped out, the two parties will come together quickly.

A few months ago, I speculated that this might be the first Hall of Fame induction not accompanied by a Hall of Fame game. I didn't even suspect my Rams would be tapped on the shoulder to play in this game. We may be the first team (along with the Bears) to miss a scheduled game.

The Rams Select Corey Liuget?

Maybe... I would be disappointed although there is nothing wrong with this kid. I am not super-familiar with Liuget. I never saw an entire Illinois game during his tenure there. I have seen him on YouTube videos. He looks pretty damn decent. I like him a lot better than Nick Fairely. He seems like a good guy. He would answer a need. I think Spags will like him very much.

It is important to recognize that this selection will not answer our most pressing needs. It is important to realize that this choice will force a choice in the second round that we may not like, especially in the long run. You need to think two moves ahead, chess players. Always think two moves ahead.

The Rams select Aldon Smith?

Maybe... I like Aldon. He reminds me a lot of the best of Charles Haley; hopeful not the worst. Charles is a guy on my top 25 defenders of all-time list. Yes he was a psycho-asshole, but he was a destroyer. Hopefully, Aldon will just be cocky, and not a psycho-asshole.

It is important to realize that Aldon will only fill a need if he stands up and plays the roving Elephant Linebacker who blitzes. I could get excited about this pick if Spagnuolo will use him in this fashion.

Nevertheless, he also sets us up for a second round choice that we may not like.

The Rams select Jon Baldwin in the second round?

If we're lucky... and stupid... Let's face the facts folks. If we don't bust a move to get up the draft board and nail one of the top two receivers in this draft, there is only one other candidate with game-changer potential. That fellow is Jonathan Baldwin of the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Baldwin has massive physical tools. He has all the ability of a Brandon Marshall. Unfortunately, he has the reputation for being both a diva and stupid. According to leaks, Mike Mayock has said that the diva rep is very well earned. He was not the most articulate dude I've ever seen in the interviews he's done, hence he did not disabuse me of the stupid rep.

The last thing we need is a goddamn diva. If we are going to get a diva, let's get Chad OchoCinco the second the Bengals kick him. This is the only WR diva I ever liked.

What about Greg Little of UNC?

Better... but I am still not crazy about this choice. Good luck in getting him, folks. Rumor has it that he is moving up the board and may be going bottom of the 1st or top of the 2nd round. I don't think he's in play where we draft in the 2nd.

In Conclusion

I just don't see this being a successful draft unless we bust a move to get up that board. One of the several reasons I did not want to select Sam Bradford last year is because I did not think we would arm him appropriately. Making any of the moves listed above constitutes a partial fulfillment of that prophecy.

It is important for us all to understand that the organization has a #1 pick and a $50 million dollar investment in Sam. To make that investment workout for us, we must make the big investment in a receiver this year. Our prior investment won't work out for us this year without that big sacrifice.

I like our chances of getting quality linebackers and defensive tackles much better than our chances of getting quality receivers in free agency... when that happens.

I would prefer getting Albert Haynesworth as a 1 year stop-gap solution to getting Chad OchoCinco as a 1 year stop-gap solution. I would rather bring in Chase Blackburn of the Giants than Domenik Hixon of the Giants.

Let's fix up our defense in free agency. Let's fix our offense in this draft.