Friday, April 29, 2011

So tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is Valerie's birthday party. Valerie is my best-buddy Colin's Wife. Valerie happens to have a sister. This sister is about 30-31, born 12/27 either in 1979 or 1980. This makes her a Capricorn. As you know I am a Virgo. Obtaining the precise year is an important objective for our first meeting.

Problem is I don't even know her name. Colin has been withholding all of this information, insisting this must but obtained in idle chit-chat. He's a schemer, that one.

I am banking on 1979. If the year is 1979, the natal synastry is tremendous. A pack of 200s with very nice balance. If the year is 1980, it's another story entirely. The scores are generally good, but there is no romance. We would make great business partners, but not paramours. We would be well advised to start a software firm together, though.

Did I mention she had a degree in Computer Science and does something Computer Science related in her profession? I should have. Colin is not precisely sure just precisely what she does for a living, but he says it is in CompSci. He never inquired about specifics. As a non-computer savvy guy, he probably wouldn't comprehend her response very well if he ever did ask her for specifics.

I have yet to find a Capricorn with whom I have wretched scores. In all the test data I have generated, between 1966 and 1995, I have never found a wretched set of Capricorn score versus me. I may not have great romance scores with most Capricorns, but the scores are always generally favorable. Similarity of interest, pleasantness and peace, joint problem solving, communication, mutual success all look pretty respectable in most cases.

The Pre-Season begins for me tomorrow.

I am not prepared to enter the meat market in any serious way. I am not done with my physical transformation just yet. I have lost approximately 20% of my body mass, meaning I am 66% of the way to the goal. Of course, this means I have another 10% of my former mass to lose, or 34% of this voyage left to go.

Nevertheless, Pre-Season begins tomorrow. Let's say that I am going to dip my toe in the pool this Spring, but it is too cold yet to go for a swim. When summer arrives, I'll be ready to jump in the pool.