Friday, April 29, 2011

Devaney is lucky I don't own a gun. I'd shoot him.

So, I going to spit this out real quick and that will be the very last I have to say about the subject. I'm not going to have anything to say about the Rams for a good long time after this.

So when the 47th pick comes up, we have a gift from God awaiting us. Greg Little, the good prospect among the several character guys coming out UNC, is still waiting on the board for us. Guess what? We select yet-another tight end nobody in Lance Kendrick. Greg Little is selected by Mike Holmgren at pick 59.

Good people of Cleveland, I hope you appreciate the great and good stewardship you are receiving from Mike Holmgren. He will have you in the playoffs shortly.

So when our 78th pick comes up, we have another gift from God staring us in face. Leonard Hankerson is there for us, just as CBS Sports projected. Naturally, both ESPN and NFL Network cut to commercial during this pick. Nobody wants to see what the Rams are doing in this draft.

When we get the news, the selection is Austin Pettis. The NFL Network's enthusiasm for the pick was underwhelming to say the very least. The guys on the NFL Network had nothing positive to say about this. The website suggests that Pettis may compete for the #3 receiver spot on the team. So Pettis may compete for the #3 spot on the worst receiver corp in the NFL.

That's just fucking great.

The Redskins immediately pull Hankerson. They probably couldn't believe their great luck. The moment the Redskins select Hankerson, the NFL network crew did have words of praise for Hankerson. Mayock again cautioned about Hankerson's drops, but there can be little doubt that there was much greater enthusiasm for Hankerson than Pettis.

Stick a fork in folks. It's over now. The talent falls off hyperbolically from this point on, and we didn't get much of anything in the first three rounds.

Maybe the 49ers will win the NFC West in 2011... the horror...

I honestly have no clue what Devaney was thinking. This man's thought process totally escapes me. How he put this board together I will never understand.

This is a discrediting draft. If I didn't know better, I would say Devaney was selecting just to spite me. Of course, the real truth is that the Irish Pisces just had too much to drink.