Thursday, April 28, 2011

I just had a weird experience

So, I left the apartment at 3:45pm to walk down to the local car wash, detailing joint at the corner of Topanga and Vanowen. My car was ready. I purchased a nice $150 detailing job. After nearly two years of constant the use, the vehicle needed some TLC.

Incidentally, I am being introduced to Colin's sister in law this Saturday. On the off-chance that the two us might want to go somewhere or do something, I wanted my car to look nice.

So, I am walking down Vanowen and a Mexican chick in a Toyota Prius starts honking like crazy. I look over there to see if an accident was narrowly averted. Nope, she's waving her hand. "Oh she's seen somebody she knows" I immediately conclude. I continue walking. She honks again. I look over in her direction again. She points at me.

Now I just happen to be wearing my Sam Bradford #8 jersey on this draft day. Call it a good luck charm. I immediately conclude she is a Ram-fan. She drives past me waving, smiling and saying "hi." The girl is maybe 29 or 30.

A few minutes later I am questioning whether she was honking and waiving because she was a Ram-fan. Nah, that would be fucking stupid. Forget that nonsense.

I just hit 265.8 last night folks. I look very different. I have shed 64.2 pounds and counting. I have reduced my body mass almost 20%. I am nearly 65% of the way to home-plate.

Weird things are starting to happen to me these days, but this is just preposterous. I can remember female comedians cracking jokes in the 1980s about guys honking at girls. They were absolutely clear that women never do that. They were correct, right? The fact is that women never do that. It is particularly preposterous given the fact that I am at least 15 years older than that girl.

Remind me to tell you about the funny conversation my lady barber had with her buddy while she cut my hair last Monday night. They didn't think I spoke or understood Spanish well enough to track their conversation. In short, the buddy said "I think you just found your new novio". They were pretty giggly.

Also remind me to tell you about the "Win a date with a software developer" contest my MIS/IT department ran as cancer fund-raiser. I thought they were going to make $2 bucks on that fund raiser: one from each of the two girls who thought up the idea. They hauled down $198 at $1 per lotto ticket. You aught to see the no-prizes in my IT group. I was utterly stunned.

Incidentally, I am supposed to take girl named Emily out to lunch next week because of this contest. They funny thing is that Emily shares an office with that May 10 Taurus I have admired for some two years.

Weird things gentlemen... weird things.