Monday, May 2, 2011

This just in: Osama Bin Laden killed Rudy Giuliani

CNN just gave us one hell of piece of breaking news. Evidently Osama Bin Laden has killed Rudy Giuliani. This despite the fact that he is dead. Based on the caption below, it would appear that Obama told 9/11 victims that justice has been done in response to this news. Piers Morgan will have more details tonight at 9pm ET.

This is a simple snapshot of my HDTV screen just a few moments ago. There is you visual proof.

CNN really needs to be a little more careful about who they select for their graphics team. They also need to do a little more vetting of the product before it goes on the screen. If you don't tighten up, you are going to get more hilarious visual gaffs like this.

You won't sneek anything past me. A good Virgo is the most observant and critical dude in the zodiac. We'll nail anything little wrong thing you do.

Just ask Devaney about that.