Saturday, May 14, 2011

In praise of Taurus women, Part 2

So what can I say about Taurus women after a gallery like that one? Not much. A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a strange thing that Taurus, the bull, is a feminine Yin sign. Nevertheless, this is the case.

In ancient Greece, the Cow was the mascot/symbol of the temple of Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love. Taurus is ruled by Venus. So is Libra. According to the lore, this imbues Taurus women with a sensuality, beauty, sense of aesthetics, and sex drive that is difficult or impossible to match.

Of course, attraction is a relative thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you will pardon me for turning into a brutally honest Virgo critic for just one moment, I'll level with you completely.

Taurus women lack the instant one-punch knockout power of the Capricorn women. I've never been knocked over on my ass instantaneously by a Taurus woman. Many Capricorn women have demolished me to rubble with an instant thunderbolt.

Taurus women also lack the spell-binding, mesmerizing witchcraft of the Pisces women... but that is a good thing. I've never been under a tormenting spell of anguish at the hands of a Taurus woman. Regrettably, I have been under a spell of torment from a Pisces woman. I did not enjoy it. I don't look forward to this happening again in the future.

Just remember Osama Bin Laden was a 3/10/1954 Pisces. Billy Devaney is a 3/7/1955 Pisces. Enough said.

What the Taurus women have is a pure, raw, simple beauty, and a whole bunch of sizzle. That's pretty damn good folks. That ain't a bad thing. There is no doubt they have a ton of allure in them. It usually takes sustained exposure to one over a period of time, by I have become obsessed with more than one Taurus woman in my time. Still, I have never had a Taurus girlfriend (yet). We'll have to see about this in the future.

For a Virgo guy like me, a Taurus woman is theoretically one of your top 3 potential match-ups in life. Those top three would be Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces. The order of those three would be heavily disputed by experts who don't necessarily see eye-to-eye. Nevertheless, all three would be at the top of the list.

Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo would come in as your second tier options. Most experts would expect good levels of compatibility and a solid chance of success with any of these three.

Leo, Libra and Gemini would rank as risky possibilities, pregnant with potential strife and failure. Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius would normally be sited as the highest-risk candidates, fraught with the highest percentages of problems and failure.

I happen to be an odd Virgo. I happen to be an Air Adept. I also have a lot of fire under the hood. I have an Aries Moon and a pair of Leos on Venus and Mars. These Leos usually form an antagonizing 90 degree square angle with most Taurus people. This usually sends the romance scores down. These two Leos also form hellacious 180 degree oppositions with Aquarius women around the dark and wintery side of the year. This shoots the score way up. My Moon, Venus, and Mars form a bunch of spectacular Trines with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius women.

This is all a very long-winded and technical way to say that normal patterns and generalizations don't necessarily apply to me. Nevertheless, there are plenty of Taurus women with fire under the hood also. I don't have outlandish scores against Taurus women the way I do with Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn women, but my scores are high enough to warrant consideration in some cases.

Who knows... I just may go this route after all.