Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virgo-Pisces Alliance 229: Sir Francis Drake & Elizabeth I

So, last night I finally caught Elizabeth, the 1998 masterpiece that introduced Cate Blanchett to the world.  As you may know, this is about the early days of Queen Elizabeth I, when she was besieged by treasonous plotters orchestrated by the Pope of Rome.

The way the movie presents the story, she has powerful enemies all around her, including her personal favorites...  Even the man she would marry... if she could.  One dude steps up to the plate, in the darkest hour, and saves her ass.  This guy literally kills for her.  Ultimately, he knocks out all of her enemies.  That guy was Sir Francis Drake.

Drake's motivation was the puzzle that caused me to look all this up.  Here we found a dirty privateer, a grungy and dirty guy of the world, seemingly capable of anything.  For some reason, he takes a hard stand against all of the other worldly and dirty guys of the world... for a woman he's not banging.  Why did he do it?  Why would Drake take such a mortal gamble against all the powerful players?  The movie seems to portray Drake's stand as an irrational act of personal loyalty.

It wasn't blind loyalty either.  He knew the risk he was taking.  He took it despite the lousy odds.  This seemed very strange to me.

Well folks... I want you to look this one up yourself and find out if I tell you the truth.  Queen Elizabeth I was a September 7 Virgo.  In the movie, she's played by Cate Blanchett: a May 14 Taurus.  We do not know the exact date of Sir Francis Drake's birth, but they place the date in late February or Early March.   You know what that means, don't you?  He was a Pisces.  In the movie, he's played by Geoffrey Rush: a July 6 Cancer.

Yes, this famous chapter of Brittish history is another 180 degree tale for you.  It's another chapter in the history of the Virgo-Pisces Alliance.

Elizabeth was also known as a the Virgin Queen.  She entertained several suitors, but couldn't have the one she wanted, so she never married.  If you can't be with the one you love, you're better off with none.  That's very Virgo.  I am like that.

Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, was her favorite dude in the world.  He happened to be a June 24 Cancer guy.  According to the movie, Sir Robert was involved in plots to overthrow Elizabeth, but she wouldn't kill him.  Drake wanted to kill him.  Even in a blood-feud, she couldn't pull the trigger on the water guy.  She found a way to spare her Cancer guy.

It's worth noting that a certain Taurus dude named William Shakespeare prospered under Elizabeth.