Sunday, February 19, 2012

An interesting note about synastry

As you know, I experienced one heck of a synastry reaction with Rihanna's back-up singer, Ashley Haney, just a couple of days ago.  I went looking around for her birthday information.  I found nothing certain, but I found some fascinating clues.

I found two "happy birthday" videos dedicated to Ashley Haney uploaded to the Youtube.  One was dated September 1, 2010.  The other was dated August 14, 2011.  Logically speaking, her birthday must be bracketed by 8/14 and 9/1.  As you know, I was born September 2.  If my analysis is correct, this makes Ashley my home-girl.  She's a summer time girl from around the way in my hood.  She is almost equally likely to be a Leo or a Virgo by date-space:  9 days of Leo, 8 days of Virgo.  Under the side-real, she's all Leo, but then again, so am I.

There are a couple of very quick lessons to take out of this:

  1. Conjunction is a very powerful thing, if she is a Virgo.  Conjunction is a very powerful thing, if she's a Leo and I am a Leo.
  2. If she is a Leo, what is it 'bout 'dem Leo girls and your author...?  I seem to have made a deal in the Akashic Record Library in which I swapped Taurus for Leo.
  3. Rihanna was born 2/20/1988.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  There are 175 days between August 14 and Feb 20.  175 is pretty dang close to 182.625.  These two are pretty dang close to that magical 180 degree Yin/Yang angle I keep harping about.
  4. Don't you find it a bit curious Rihanna would chose a 180 degree angle girl for her back-up singer?  Would this not fit the theory perfectly?
  5. This seems to be a feather in the cap of the Side-Real or Jyotish camp.  The Vedic Astrologer has an easier time explaining Ashley's effect on me, and her partnership with Rihanna at the same time.  Under the Jyotish scheme, Ashley is a Leo, and I am a Leo (conjunction).  Under the Jyotish scheme, Ashley is a Leo and Rihanna is an Aquarian (opposition).  Pretty parsimonious.
  6. Under the Tropical scheme, Ashley is probably a Leo, whilst I am a Virgo and Rihanna is a Pisces.  Leo is not especially fantastic with either Virgo or Pisces, on average.  Under the Tropical scheme, both Rihanna and I would have considerable quantities of fire in our charts, ergo it could work.  Nevertheless, this scheme requires access to a lot more variables to make it all make sense.  This is not parsimonious.
  7. The principle of parsimony is pretty simple.  If two theories have equal explanatory power and accuracy, the simpler theory is the better theory.  The Jyotish system seems to enjoy the lead in parsimony here.
  8. In short, the final lesson emerging from all of this is that conjunction and opposition are the two most powerful aspects in the system.  Everything else is weaker.
Who knows... maybe I love them Leo girls and they love me because I am one of them.  Perhaps the Jyotish Side-Real system is the correct system.

This still leaves open the difficult question of why Taurus women don't seem to like me.  Under the Jyotish system, many of these women would become Aries, and some would become Pisces.  We would expect the Jyotish Pisces to be disinterested (or even afraid) or the Jyotish Leo.  However, we would expect the Jyotish Aries to very attracted to the Jyotish Leo.

I have not found it to be so.  I have found that there are plenty of girls born 182.625 days away from me who don't give a damn about me.  They are Jyotish war goddesses.  Some of them should love a Jyotish fire-lion.  I need to decode this riddle.  The puzzle bothers me.