Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another 180 degree tale for you today

So I just finished watching an episode of Ancients Behaving Badly, the series that studies many of the great figures of history as criminal psychopaths.  In the end, the show attempts to rate each on of the episode subjects on a scale of criminal psychopathy.

I'm a big fan of this show.  This is the show that teaches us that most of the great figures of history are worthy of our scorn, not hero worship.  They are blood-thirsty megalomaniacs, for the most part.

This episode was about Cleopatra.  It was quite fascinating.   Boy was she one for the record books!  What an eye-opener.  This woman quite literally killed all her brothers & sisters to ensure her firm grip on control of the throne of Egypt.

Of course, sex and seduction are the heart of Cleopatra's tale.  She seduces a 52 year old Julius Caesar, when she is a mere 18 year old nymph.   Later, at the age of 28, she seduces his successor, the 42 year old Mark Antony.  All reports indicate that they had a blistering sexual firestorm for the ages.  It was not just political, in their case.  There was a sexual meltdown in progress there also.

Naturally, this made me curious about the synastry of the situation.  As a dedicated investigator, I wanted to see what I could find out about the situation.  The facts of the case are these:

  1. Cleopatra's birth date is not known.  We do not know the month either.  This is despite spurious sources who claim she was born in January.  No ancient sources support this claim.
  2. Julius Caesar 's deification celebration was reportedly set for his birthday, and this festival was routinely celebrated on July 12.  This would make his birthday July 12, 100 B.C., making him a Cancer.  That's a fine Cardinal sign for a Roman Emperor.  There is some uncertainty about his birth, but such is the case for all ancient figures.
  3. Mark Antony's birthday stands pretty well confirmed.  It is set for January 14, 83 B.C., making Mark a Capricorn.
  4. Mark Antony was always a steadfast ally and close friend of Julius Caesar.  This is how he became a member of the Triumvirate after the assassination of Caesar.
  5. What a co-inky-dinky!  Julius and Mark just happen to be 180 degree opposites!  January 14 is 182 days after July 12.  182 is pretty dang close to the magic figure of 182.625.
So, for a dude interested in Synastry and the sex of the situation, we just need to guess what sign is mostly likely to set both a Cancer and a Capricorn on fire.  That's not hard to reckon either.  These 180 degree opposites are quite likely to have similar tastes and preferences.  There are two obvious choices:  Taurus and Scorpio.

Why do I say that?  First, Taurus and Scorpio are both well-aspected towards both Cancer and Capricorn; especially in a sexual sense.

Second, Cleopatra was a notorious nymphomaniac.  She had a sex drive that just wouldn't quit.  There are rumors that she once took on 100 men in a gang-bang, just to see if she could do it.  The legend has it that she succeeded.  You are probably going to need to come equipped with the highest of all sex drives if you intend to do something like that.

All sources agree that, on average, Taurus and Scorpio have the two highest sex drives of the Zodiac.  The majority report says Scorpio has the highest of all sex drives.  The minority report states Taurus has the highest sex-drive.  I side with the majority on this issue.  It's Scorpio.

I am going to have argue that Cleopatra was a Scorpio.  Her tendency to use her sexuality for the political cause rivals that of James Bond.  We all know that he was a Scorpio.  {You know that right?}

Further, this is a pretty evil and violent figure.  Call me foolish, call me irresponsible, call me a myopic Virgo dude, but this doesn't fit the profile of Taurus as I know them.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a very soft sign for a female.  They are known for the gentility, patients and aesthetics.  I find it hard to believe a Taurus woman could do the things reported of Cleopatra.  My gut says no.

On the other hand, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto... this is a poisonous little critter of a different order entirely.  I do not find it difficult to believe a Scorpio woman could do the things done by Cleopatra.  On the contrary, I think it is totally possible for a Scorpio woman to do these things.  Maybe even likely.

Of course, Adolf Hitler was a Taurus, but this is a pretty singular exception.

We can go further.  Scorpio has a tremendous desire for dominance and control.  According to many sources, Scorpio women are attracted to men based on their power levels.  They like to borrow power from the guy they are with and exercise control in his name.  Believe me, I have first hand knowledge of this situation.  I have seen it in action, day after day.

This pattern fits Cleopatra to a 'T'.  Cleopatra specifically goes after Julius Caesar and Mark Antony precisely because she sees them as the most powerful allies she can have.  She sees them as a the assurance of her control over Egypt.  She sees them as increasing her power-base, not diminishing it.

Many feminists studies have been done on Cleopatra's behavior, and they routinely lament the fact that this women did not believe she could stand on her own.  Rather, she felt she had to partner with a powerful man in order to secure and retain power herself.  This is quite accurate, and it was also probably necessary at the time.  However, it also fits the Scorpio woman's profile perfectly.

I find all this extremely interesting, and even more pitiful.  Mark Antony was probably a good Capricorn brother before this evil Scorpio bitch got ahold of him.  What a shame!  You know... I know of a Capricorn brother being destroyed in just this way...  It's in progress.  I can't save him from this fatal monster.  She's gonna wreck him.