Thursday, February 9, 2012

Core workout for the ages

So, I came up with a core workout for the ages last night.  I went to the gym around 8:30pm and executed this pattern 2.5 times before my back began to ache, and I was forced to retreat for the evening.

My form was good to excellent on everything except the pike.  The pike still gives me problems.  My weight on the Turkish Get Up increased to 12 KG (about 26 pounds) and I really could have done 30.  There was a time when I couldn't even perform the Turkish Get Up.  The first time I tried it, I looked pretty damn stupid.  The reason was/is core strength.  The TGU is a misunderstood exercise.  It is thought to be a shoulder exercise.  It is much more a core exercise.

I woke up with mildly sore (but very hard) abs & obliques.  This is a sure sign of a good core workout the night before.  I was so impressed with the results I decided to share it with you here.  I am on my way to a 6-pack.

CrossFit Core Circuits


1.     Turkish Get-Up
2.     Windmill

Jungle Gym XT

1.     Crunch
2.     Pike
3.     Pendulum
4.     Push-up to Pike
5.     Yoga Plank + Tuck
6.     Angels
7.     Oblique-twists

The Stool

1.     Frog Kicks

The Rack

1.     Situps
2.     Ab-Crawler
3.     Reverse Ab-Crawler
4.     Yoga-Plank + twist
5.     Yoga-Plank
6.     Leg Raises
7.     Bicycle Kicks