Friday, February 3, 2012

AskMen.Com Top 99 most desired women of 2012: A few observations

Taking a good hard look at this list, as I have for he past 48 hours, a number of obvious observations jumped out at me immediately.  What are those obvious observations:

  1. There are quite a few women on this list I know something about, or am aware of.
  2. There are a sizable number of women on this list I never heard of before.
  3. There are old disagreements on this list, that are unfortunately persistent.
  4. There are new discoveries on this list who are pretty sensational.
  5. I am not sure how a woman I never heard of before can be on the top 99 list of most desired women in the world.
  6. There are good choices
  7. There are bizarre choices.
  8. The order they ranked these women in is absolutely crazy, and without justification.  
  9. I understand the political mechanics of voting that brought us this order.  I totally disagree with the results.
  10. When you allow the computer to order this list for one man, in this case me, the order is entirely different.
  11. You will notice that some women score very high
  12. You will notice that I have scores of scores of ZERO (0) with a pair of dynamite Leo women, both of whom I find overwhelmingly attractive.
  13. Libras occupy two of the top 3 slots, including the #1 slot.  
  14. Libra is a sign considered fundamentally incompatible with Virgo.
  15. If you saw the aggression and violence score Kim Kardashian and I have together (525) you would doubt the quality and significance of that 357 romance score that puts her at the top of the heap.  My gut tells me she would hate me.  This re-asserts the old wisdom which maintains that Libra is incompatible with Virgo, despite the fact that we generally have cordial side-by-side relations.
  16. I have low scores with a sizable number of women I should have low scores with.
  17. I have high scores with a sizable number of women I should have high scores with.
  18. The Sirius engine consistently and relentlessly under-values and under-estimates the appeal of Earth women, at least from my point of view.
  19. Perhaps Earth women don't like me nearly as much as I like them.  This theory would conform to the general facts of my life.  In general, Earth women don't give a damn about me.  I get no love from the Earth women.
  20. The Sirius 1.1 engine consistently and relentlessly over-states the appeal of Air and Fire women, from my point of view.
  21. In general, this pattern does not conform to the general rules of synastry. You would not expect a Virgo guy to go well with Air women... at all.  You would predict difficult relations with Fire women.  You would expect excellent relations with Earth women.
  22. This list, as sorted by Sirius 1.1,  is not the list as I would sort it.  If I sorted the list myself, I would produce a very different order.
  23. There are a number of false positives on this list.  There are women who show up strong on this list whom I would not even place on this list.
  24. There are a number of false negatives on this list.  There are women who show up with zeros (0) on this list, who are certainly not zeros (0) from my point of view.  Neither Marisa Miller nor Madalina Ghenea score zero in my book.  I would score both in the high 500 range.
Next time I will show you the list minus the women I would strike from the list.  I will also enter a discourse regarding why my Fire and Air scores are higher than one would first expect, and my Earth scores are lower than you would expect.