Saturday, June 25, 2011

The problem of Mars (and Venus) in Scorpio


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I seem to like a considerable number of women with Mars in Scoprio. The trend is similar, but not as pronounced, for Venus in Scoprio. Understand that this blog post is not so much about my personal romantic predilections as it is a blog post about a software developer who is attempting to find an algorithm that will model a real world phenomenon accurately. Understanding this problem, and being able to phrase it correctly, is step one towards modeling the thing in code.

What is the meaning of Mars?

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is our second closest neighbor, and the planet most resembling our Earth. It is still the leading candidate for terraforming experiments at some point in our distant future. Its orbit requires 687 days, or a little less than 2 Earth years.

In Greco/Roman mythology Mars & Aries are one and the same dude. Aries is the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera, and the illicit lover of Venus. In terms of power, he was second only to Zeus. He was not a particularly good or likeable guy.

In astrology, Mars is known as a lesser malefic planet. The placement of malefic planets in your chart describes the specific problems, challenges and obstacles you have to overcome in your life. Mars is a personal planet. Its placement is reasonably distinctive from one chart to another. Mars describes your ability to take action, your desire, your sex drive, and your physical energy level.

Allegedly, it either partially or fully describes the sort of lover you are. According to many, Venus also plays a role in this drama as well.

What is the meaning of Scorpio?

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. It occurs during the mid-fall season. It is a feminine, fixed water sign. It is co-ruled by Mars and by Pluto. Scorpio is strongly associated with intensity, passion, and secrecy. Scorpios are alleged to feel intensely but not express themselves visually. They are supposed to be extreme. They either love something or they hate it. There is not a lot of middle ground with a Scorpio. Scorpio is supposedly rules the male genitalia. Scorpio is also the sign ruling psychic phenomenon. Scorpios are supposed to be the most intuitive people on the planet, and the legend says they are always a bit psychic.

What is the meaning of Mars in Scorpio?

Mars co-rules Scorpio, so Mars has the home field advantage in Scorpio. The traits Mars represents are more powerful when this planet is located in Scorpio.

Folks with Mars in Scorpio are supposed to independent, self-reliant, self-disciplined, but driven by their passions. They can be obsessive and compulsive. When obsessed with something, they are consumed by it completely. They have incredibly high energy levels, and shrug off fatigue. They are private about their goals, and pride themselves on their self-discipline. Allegedly, they “attract hidden sexual energy they might not be prepared to handle.”

According to all sources, this is the absolute highest sex-drive setting in the entire zodiac. Some jokingly refer to this as the nymphomaniac setting. Individuals with this setting have to release their sexual energy regularly, or their health suffers. Unless railed in by other factors in the chart, this will always express itself in strong sexual activity. They’ve got animal magnetism, and they know it. They are sexually possessive, and do poorly unless they have an all-or-nothing partner.

It is recommended that these individuals study Yoga, martial arts, meditation, or all of the above as a means to taming their intense passion and channeling it in constructive ways. As a matter of record, I happen to know two females born in 1984 who have this setting. One is my half-sister. She is teaching Yoga as means to pay for college. The other is a girl at work whom I favor greatly. She just happens to hold a 2nd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. What a co-inky-dinky.

Just how attracted are you anyway?

Just how attracted am I to women with Mars in Scorpio? Plenty. Because I am a quantitative guy, I have kept a little black book on women who have aroused me both in real life and in the media. I have been careful to find out as much about their birth days and origins as possible. I have compiled all this information into a master matrix so as to study the patterns found there.

There are 498 distinct women in this list. I have broken them down into their 12 sun signs. There are 102 distinct women on this list with either Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, or both. 56 of them have Venus in Scorpio. 62 of them have Mars in Scorpio.

It should also be noted that 67 of the names on the master list have their Sun sign in Scorpio. This exceeds all other Sun signs by sheer quantity of names. This is a greater quantity than 2nd ranked Aquarius (55 names) and 3rd ranked Capricorn (53 names). None of my Scorpio scores exceed 337, so the Scorpios are unable to compete with Aquarians, Capricorns, and Pisces on the basis of points. Aquarius, Capricorn, and Pisces all score much higher on average than Scorpio.

Nevertheless, it would appear that I like Scorpio a heck of a lot more than I am willing to admit to myself. I have to tell you, I was horrified a few moments ago when I saw that Scorpio defeated Capricorn 67-53. That was one of those shocking upsets that make you scream “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” I shook my head muttering “that just can’t be right.”

Unfortunately, the facts have been confirmed. There are 67 names on my Scorpio list. There are only 53 names on my Capricorn list. I am humiliated. I suspected Aquarius was doing extremely well. I hold these women in very high esteem (especially Alice Eve). However, I did not expect them to beat out Capricorn 55-53.

What is the problem with this attraction anyhow?

So Dave is attracted to a lot of women with Venus and Mars Scorpio? So what? What does that mean? It means a headache for the mathematical modeler in me, that’s what it means.

As I have mentioned several times before, my moon is in Aries, and my Venus & Mars are conjuncted in Leo. Fire, fire, fire baby. I’m all masculine fire under the hood. Scorpio is a feminine water sign. Fire and water don’t mix. Worse, Scorpio and Leo are squared against each other. This means conflict. Just think of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford shooting it out in the BCS championship game.

If a serious, sober, mature astrologer would look at my twin Leos, compare these to the Taurus/Scorpio combos I seem to like so much, and say… I regret to tell you this, but it probably just wouldn’t work out for you two in the end.

Now surely, there is a lot of heat there. I frequently mistake Scorpio women for fire sign women. As I first noticed and wrote down the names of those 67 Scorpio women, I predicted that many of them were Aries or Leo. I was wrong. These were Scorpio women. It must be the intensity that fooled me.

Leo/Leo is a pretty fierce combo. This is not exactly one of your less romantic or less sexual combos. Leo/Leo might not be able to keep up with Taurus/Scorpio, but I’d give her a run for the money. You can imagine someone with a higher sex drive setting being attracted to someone else of an even higher sex drive setting, even if that matchup is not good in the long run. This might be one of those simple cases where you just like something that isn’t good for you… like cigarettes or deep-fried Mac ‘n Cheese.

Nonetheless, as a computer programmer designing a synastry engine, I have to find a way to handle this type of scenario correctly, and report on it accurately. Right now, this looks like a bastard of a task. I am not sure how I am going to handle these Square situations.

This is hypothetical, how much do you like them in the real world?

I had a conversation on this very topic with my little brother just a few weeks ago. I regretted to inform him that I actually sent flowers to that 2nd degree black belt on her birthday about two months ago. This stunned him. He knows I don’t do that kind of thing. He knows that’s way out of sorts for me.

So, let’s consider that case for just a moment. I will code name this female BB for her 2nd degree black belt. BB was born on 5/10/1984 somewhere in the now united Germany. I don’t know where, and I don’t know when. She is a Taurus. Her Moon is in Virgo. This means she should be biased to find herself a Virgo man. Her Venus is in Taurus, and therefore exalted. Her Mars is in Scorpio.

Adjusting her chart for relocation to Los Angeles, Sirus 1.1 says BB and I have a bunch of pretty good scores. The romantic and sexual attraction score is 191. Everything is in the range of 180 to 230. That is a very good and workable set of scores.

I think most of you would find her objectively beautiful. If you don’t there is something profoundly wrong with you. BB is a class act. She has no known bad habits. She is athletic. She runs marathons. She holds a second degree black belt. She is smart. She has been promoted at work several times. She is a well-trusted employee.

I first met and conversed with BB at a mutual friend’s birthday party some three years ago. He’s a Leo guy. Interesting how several of my buddies have turned out to be Leos, now that I have checked. There were a number of air and fire people there, including Top Gemini. Of course, I was not aware of any of this at the time. I wasn’t much into astrology then.

There weren’t many people at the party I felt comfortable conversing with. For some reason, I overheard BB mention that she had passed her black belt test. Now this was a subject that had interest for me! I studied Shotokan when I was kid, and my heart never entirely left Karate when I joined the ranks of the Football mavens. I tried to strike up a conversation with her on the martial arts.

BB was very hesitant to begin a conversation with me on this subject. She interpreted this as a party hit. It was not. I really just wanted to kill some time talking about the martial arts with someone who was interested in the subject. After about two minutes she figured out I wasn’t making a pass at her. We wound up talking for over an hour on the martial arts and other subjects. At the time we didn’t even know we worked for the same company. I played two rounds of croquet and went home… alone.

Interesting how the Virgo dude winds up talking with the Taurus girl for an hour at the Fire/Air birthday party. How the hell do we find each other like this?

Unbeknownst to me, during that time BB was recovering from a badly broken heart; the result of a workplace romance. This was indicated by our mutual friend as the key reason why she did not want to talk… at first. Years later, I discovered that the culprit was a certain Capricorn dude I know and am very friendly with. Now ain’t that just perfect? What an earthy triangle this is.

Rumor had it that BB was expecting me to make a follow up. I did not. I figured she was out of my weight class. In recent months, BB did various things to attempt to gain my attention in the lunch room. I was doing what I usually do in the lunch room: Engage in deep conversations about NFL Draft, personnel and coaching moves, as well as general offensive and defensive strategy. I have some good buddies who can discuss these subjects pretty deeply.

BB attempted to interrupt one of these conversations, as it hit a fevered pitch, to tell me she had successfully run a marathon the day before. I regret the fact that I kind of shrugged her off to continue discussions on the lock-out. That was a mistake.

On another occasion, I was washing out my coffee cup, and she came over near me to grab some paper towels. When I looked over at her, she gave me one hell of a chocolate eye. That was a fairly unmistakable look. I was rather stunned by this. This was one of the earliest incidents occurring shortly after my gastric bypass surgery began to produce serious weight loss.

Even as of this point, I did not know that BB was a Taurus. I didn’t know she was a Taurus until they posted the May birthday list at work. Rumor had it she was a Gemini. When I discovered she was a May 10th baby, it came as a great shock. I immediately text messaged my brother with the news and implications.

I decided I would go big or go home. That was when I decided to send her some carnations for her birthday. According to the lore, carnations indicate fascination. That was the correct message to send to BB. I think fascination is the correct term for it. I am fascinated by her.

Guess what? Absolutely no response. I’m talking about no indication of any kind. Since then, all her attempts to gain my attention have ceased.

This was extremely disappointing. Although there are women in my personal and public sphere with higher scores according to Sirus, I would still rate BB as a premiere prospect; this despite the fact that I know elemental incompatibilities exist, and she appears to be disinterested.

So what happened here? Was this just a case of a magnetic Mars in Scorpio attracting hidden sexual energy in ways she was unprepared to handle? Was this merely a case of me seeing those hungry looking eyes, and turning on for the wrong reason? Who knows…

The ultimate point

It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory. Don’t get caught up in the disappointing story of me and BB. The ultimate take home points are as follows:

  1. I don’t make many passes at women
  2. I have a pretty iron-clad policy against workplace romances
  3. I don’t send flowers to girls on their birthdays

I violated all of these rules for the sake of a Taurus girl with her Mars in Scorpio. She was enticing enough to me to cause me to act all out of sorts. Ergo, the conclusion is simple: I am, in fact, super-attracted to girls with Mars in Scorpio. It’s not just an abstract list of names and dates.

I think the following conclusions are in order:
  • Squares do have considerable power to create attraction.
  • They don’t work out so well in the end.

Perhaps it is as simple as breaking the romance score into two figures, negative attractors with a minus sign, and positive attractors with a positive sign. A composite absolute value will indicate total attraction, but I will break it into positive and negative categories.