Saturday, June 18, 2011

A major milestone is getting ready to fall

So, yesterday was another murder day. I woke up with a little shake weight and ROM action. I went to the gym at lunch for 45 minutes of treadmill and bike. I returned to the gym in the evening for another 47 minutes of treadmill and bike. I also hit the dry sauna for 12 minutes. I would have done the wet sauna, but the goddamn steam generator was broken again.

This morning I visited the bathroom, as is my morning custom, and after conducting a little business, it was time to weigh in. The Tanita said 239.6. I am officially under the 240 mark. I have officially lost more than 90 pounds now. Further, we know the Bod Pod gives a lighter weight by approximately 0.85 pounds. My estimated Bod Pod weight this morning 238.75.

I've gone from Nose Tackle size to Linebacker size between Feb 4 and June 18. It's been rapid.

All this adds up to one fact: The first major milestone is about ready to fall. I began this entire process because Dr. Evan Bachner, my knee surgeon, looked me dead in the eye and told me I needed to lose 30% of my body mass or I would sit down in a wheel chair sometime in the next 5 to 7 years, and never come out of it. The math is simple 30% of 330 pounds is 99.0 pounds. Bachner was telling me I needed to lose 99 pounds.

Today's measurement indicates I have lost between 90.4 and 91.25 pounds. The big marker is damn close; maybe 14 days away, maybe less. It should be noted that my rate greatly accelerated this week. On June 10th, the Bod Pod declared my weight to be 245.338. This morning, it would probably say 238.75. That is a difference of 6.588 pounds in just 8 days. That is a big loss; far faster than team Quilici would ever recommend.

It does indeed look as if I will hit that major milestone by the 4th of July. This was the predicted date according to the simple math I came up with a couple of months ago. It looks like my stats were and are right on the money.

I'm going to have a visit with Dr. Qulici's team in just 10 days. I hope I can hit 230 by that time. They will be shocked by the Bod Pod data. I am fairly certain I am outperforming my cohort. I don't think my surgery mates can lay a glove on me.

I did some fairly conservative hypotheticals in Excel based on the data I have accumulated, and you can see a snapshot at the top of this blog entry. If accurate, I will probably reach a so-called "healthy" body fat percentage by my next birthday.

This summer is going to be very interesting.