Friday, June 24, 2011

Bod Pod 4, the War to settle the score.

So I made my fourth visit to the California Health and Longevity Institute this morning. I don't want to play coy with you folks: I was very disappointed by the numbers. Whilst the progress was positive, and everyone congratulated me on 'good' results, these were the weakest numbers yet.

This was not as expected. I put in a hell of an effort during this two week cycle. I was expecting my best result set ever.

The cycle was hampered somewhat by my vacation in SF and the food poisoning I inflicted on myself there. However, even inside these negatives, there were positives. My brother and I walked up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco just about everywhere we went. It's really the only way to get around. I worked out on 2 of the 4 days that I spent there. I would have made it four for four, but the food poisoning stopped me cold for two days. Even so, I ate nothing on those two days. I just couldn't. When I arrived home, my weight was around 238.9

So just what were the numbers anyhow?
  • My total body weight decreased 5.256 pounds to 240.082 pounds
  • My total lean mass increased 1.478 to 148.628
  • My total fat mass decreased 6.734 pounds to 91.454 pounds
  • My body volume decreased 2.784 liters to 107.38 liters
  • I shifted my body fat percentage to the right 1.91%
Most people would call that a victory after a vacation with food poisoning. Once again, I defied the laws of medical science by adding lean weight at the same time I reduced fat weight. This is a hard trick to pull off once. I've done it 6 straight weeks in a row. Most would say it is even harder for a 44 year old man with advanced osteoarthritis in his knees.

I would remind them I have had gastric bypass surgery and I am using a powerful pro-hormone. I have every advantage in this battle. I should be winning by larger margins.

I just don't feel the reward is commensurate with the effort level. During this cycle, I added Olympic rowing to my regime. I now hit 20-21 minutes on the treadmill, finishing at an incline level of 9. This generally burns 300 kcal. I immediately move to the Olympic rower, nail 2.5 KM for around 125 kcal. This usually requires 12-13 minutes. From the rower, I move to the bike and finish with 20-21 minutes for around 300 kcal.

That is a grand total of 55 minutes of exercise for 725 kcal.

I walked out of the gym after 7 such workouts during this cycle. I did this cycle twice in a day on two separate days. If you invested that much blood, sweat and tears in the gym, you would be expecting your best all-time result also. I didn't just get it. It's precious little reward for so much effort. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't disappointed.

Still, I guess I should be thankful that I have improved 6 straight weeks in a row. I have not gotten hung up on a frickin' plateau. There have been several slow periods during this weight loss program. There are moments of sewing and moments of reaping. Sometimes it takes a week or two for your hard work to bear some fruit.

Hopeful, my biggest cycle is immediately ahead of me.

I will see Dr. Quilici on Tuesday. I have some interesting paperwork to show him. I have an affidavit from my notary public for him. It will be interesting to see what he says.

Over the past 42 days I have done all of the following:
  • Reduced my body fat percentage 6%
  • Lost 22.636 pounds of pure fat
  • Added 4.068 pounds of lean muscle
  • Reduced my total body weight 18.569 pounds.
  • Reduced my total body volume by 9.731 liters
Essentially, each week I am changing my body fat percentage 1%, losing 3.772 pounds of fat, reducing my volume by 1.622 liters, and adding 0.66 pounds of lean. This is what I have done for the past 42 days.

If my next 42 days look like the past 42 days, by August 5 all of the following will be true:
  • I will have 68.818 pounds of fat on my frame
  • I will have 152.696 pounds of lean weight
  • My total weight will be 221.513 pounds
  • By body fat percentage will be less than 31%
  • My body volume will be 97.649 liters
Ultimately, that isn't too bad.