Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I figured out what's wrong with the Sirus Engine

So, it took some time for 5,005 facts to coalesced in my mind, and for all this information to snap into a coherent conclusion, but the magic moment finally arrived this morning. I finally tweaked on the fundamental problem of the Sirus engine.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, some professional astrologers have criticized the Sirus engine for mechanistically measuring angles between planets. From their perspective, this just isn' the right way to go about process of synastry analysis.

It took awhile for me understand precisely what they were saying, but now I think I understand them perfectly. Furthermore, I can honestly say I agree. I agree because of my own test cases, not just because of abstract philosophical reasoning.

First, understand that I (personally) have been troubled for sometime by a number of false positives and false negatives that Sirus has declared between me and an assortment of women. In some cases, Sirus has insisted that we should be attracted. In some cases, it says we shouldn't. In either case, I have immediately known that the predictions were wrong.

Consider the case of Claire Danes. Claire Danes is an Aries born on 4/12/1979. As I have mentioned several times on this blog, my maximum theoretical hot date is 4/13/1979. Claire Danes was born one (1) day early. She still has a blistering romance score of 508 versus me.

Folks, I don't want to play coy with you. I have known about Claire Danes for some 17 years. Never once did I suspect she would be a match for me. I should have been stalking her and fantasizing incessantly about her if these scores are actually legit. Nope, not even one time. I just don't feel it.

Of all the troubling false-positives I have encountered with the Sirus engine, the case of Claire Danes has been (by far) the most problematic. Her sun is in Aries. This is a bad match for my Virgo Sun. Her Mars is in Aries, which is a good match for my Leo. Venus is in Pisces. Her Venus is a very bad match for my conjuncted Leos.

Why does Sirus declare a match? Why is the score 508? Because of a fluke of celestial mathematics, the Davison Harmonic Means chart shows a conjunction of Mars and Venus, hence our score shoots right through the frickin' roof. Forget the fact that her Mars/Venus is Fire/Water and mine is Fire/Fire.

Most pros would weigh the elemental conflict of our Sun, Venus and Mars, and declare that there is no match here, despite what the Davison chart says. Given this elemental conflict, I understand fully why I feel no connection to this fine woman. There's nothing wrong with her. She just isn't for me.

Now consider the case of a woman from Thousand Oaks I will code-name CC. CC was born on 5/11/1985 in Ventura California. I am wildly attracted to her. Given the option to pounce on her I would do so immediately. Rightfully so. She is a Taurus woman, I am a Virgo man (trine). Her Venus is in Aries (Trine). Her Mars is in Gemini (Sextile). Looking at it from a purely elemental perspective, she is a fine match for me. No professional astrologer would be surprised to hear that I am attracted to CC. On the contrary, it is to be expected. They would be alarmed if I was not.

What does Sirus have to say about me and CC? Sirus says our romantic and sexual attraction score is ZERO (0). Yep, that's right. Sirus says the score is ZERO. Of all the false negatives I know of, the case of CC has been the most troubling to me. I know for a fact the score isn't Zero. My gut tells me the score is very high. I think she's fantastic. She's been smiling at me in the gym, too. This girl excites the hell out of me.

I could give you many more false positives and false negatives, but Claire Danes and CC are all we need to form a working hypothesis. The absolute bottom line is that the Sirus engine does not respect elemental compatibility enough. It places far to much stress to the exact numerical quantity of the angle.

For instance, a 60 degree angle is a 60 degree angle, even if it violates the ideal of elemental compatibility the 60 degree angle is supposed to represent. A 107 degree angle is not a trine, even her Sun is located at 21 degrees Taurus and my is at 9 degrees Virgo. Evidently, a 115 degree angle is not a trine, even if her Venus is located at 10 degrees Aries and my Mars is located at 5 degrees Leo. Above all examples I have seen, this is the most puzzling. Every resource I have read indicates 115 degrees should be counted as a trine. The score should not be zero (0).

Most philosophers of astrology would object to this hard 'n fast quantitative evaluation as a type of putting the cart in front of the horse. The mathematical angles are a useful shorthand denoting that the signs are compatible. The absolute angle is not as important as the sign. When you disregard the sign in favor of the angle, you just flipped the priority system upside down. You have your priorities in reverse order.

More importantly, you actually obtain bad results. You will introduce error into your synastry engine if you take a hard-angular approach. This error will be expressed as false positives and false negatives.

The moral of the story is clear: Don't favor the angle over the element. Elemental compatibility is the thing that really matters. The exact quantity of the angle is of secondary importance.

Sirus also gives far too much weight to the Davison chart, a chart I consider more and more dubious, suspect and doubtful every single day. I, myself, am thinking about dropping this chart from my scoring system. I will still provide the Davison chart as a secondary resource, but I will do so with red-flag warnings. I intend to warn people that the Davison chart is a doubtful and very recent innovation. I will mention the fact that it produces suspect results. It should never be favored over straight elemental analysis.

After making this discovery, I went through a list of 107 troublesome names. The list contains both false positives and false negatives. These are women Sirus says I should love, but I don't. These are women I do love and Sirus says I shouldn't. When I made this list, I was smart enough to write down their Sun, Venus and Mars signs. I already knew these bodies were critical in synastry analysis.

As I went down this list, I was impressed by how much my simple elemental approach would clear away the cob-webs of confusion and error. Most of the women I liked had Fire combos or Fire/Air combos on their Venus & Mars. Isn't that just perfect for a Leo/Leo guy like me? Most of the women I didn't like had Water/Water or Water/Earth Combos on their Venus and Mars. A few also has Earth/Earth combos.

There is still one series of problems that must be dealt with. There are a small minority of cases where I am massively attracted to women who have water on Venus or Mars. Most of these case involve the presence Mars or Venus in Scorpio.

It would seem that I like a lot of women with Mars in Scorpio and/or Venus in Scorpio. And why not? This is the absolute highest sex-drive setting in the zodiac. It is hard not to like women who exude that much raw sexual power.

Nevertheless, there is a difference between what you like and what's good for you. You may like Hostess Twinkies. They aren't good for you. By the same token, I may be turned on my the Scorpionic Mars, but that isn't necessarily good for me.

Mathematically speaking, Leo is squared against Scorpio. That is a fire/water conflict, which is the most incompatible thing in the Zodiac. Still, there are all these weird cases in politics lately where Leos and Scorpios have married and had rocky roads on the way to great political power.

I am going to have to figure out what I do with the Squares. They do seem to produce attraction, but this attraction is not necessarily good in the long run.

One more key question: How does this new realization affect my own private goals in life? Specifically, will this change the plan to find the 3/12/1986 Pisces code-named La-La? Actually, the answer is No, the goal will not change. I still plan to go looking for this woman. I took another look at La-La's chart after making this discovery and she does appear to be fully elementally compatible with me.

Specifically, La-La's Sun is in Pisces, her moon is in Aries, her Venus is in Aries, and her Mars is in Sagittarius. We have an opposition, a conjunction and a pair of trines there. Those are true angles and true elements. She still looks like an excellent match up. This appears to be one (among many) that Sirus got right.