Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outperforming the outperformance

Last night I arrived home from the gym around 12:30 AM. It was the end of a Murder Day. For some reason or another, I could not contain my curiosity about my weight. I didn't expect anything positive from a visit to the scale.

I thought it had been a bad week. I had good reason to think that, as I will soon explain. Also, I never weigh myself at night. Only in the morning. Weighing myself at night is tantamount to busting the liturgy, and you know we just can't do that.

Nevertheless, I couldn't contain my curiosity. Last night the scale read 248.6. I just woke up about an hour ago. As usual in the mornings, I went downstairs to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I looked across the floor to the bathroom scale, I could not contain my curiosity again. This morning, the scale read 248.0. I dehydrated and evacuated to the tune of 0.6 pounds overnight.

Just 8 days ago, the BOD POD measured my weight at 252.533. My home scale is not perfect. It disagrees slightly with the BOD POD. It is slightly heavy by approximately 0.85 pounds. The BOD POD is lighter by 0.85 pounds. Unless I miss my guess, the BOD POD scale would probably say I weigh 247.15 this morning.

We are talking about a minimum loss of 4.533 pounds if we take the numbers literally, at face value. In reality, we're probably talking about a loss of 5.383 pounds. All of this in just 8 days. The moral of the story is that I am surging. My average weight loss over the past 8 days was probably 0.6729 pounds. That's phenomenal. That's almost too fast. That might even be a rate that would concern Dr. Quilici and his team of experts.

For the past several weeks, my numerical projections have stated that I should weigh approximately 244-245 pounds during my visit to San Francisco this coming weekend. It does look like I am going to hit that target. I am most of the way there as I write this. I may even out-perform that goal.

There is no doubt that it was a bad week. I had one a hell of a rotten Memorial Day weekend. I tweaked my surgically repaired and arthritic right knee during my Friday evening workout. It was swollen and sore all weekend long.

My Playstation 3 died on Friday night due to serious overheating problems. My Sony DA5400ES receiver died suddenly and completely on that Saturday morning. Suddenly 2/3rds of my home entertainment system was dead. I wasted most of Saturday and Sunday looking for replacement parts. My bum-knee prevented weigh lifting and aerobic work, through most of the 3 day weekend.

The weekend I thought would be a workout-bonanza was a complete bust-ola.

I only pulled 3 double-day workouts during the 4 day work week. Only one of them was a Murder-Day. I only pumped iron once this week.

Yesterday was that one Murder Day. I got up in the morning, hit a couple of minutes on the shake weight to wake up, warm up, and start my heart beating. I jumped on the ROM and did the standard 4 minute upper-body workout. At lunch, I did 20 minutes on the treadmill for 260 kcal, and another 20 on the bike for 320 kcal. I did this again in the evening. I also did 12 minutes in the steam sauna, and 10 minutes in the dry sauna. That was my good Friday.

I have no idea how such a short week of work can produce those kinds of results. I am going to presume that I was just overdue for a big gainer. I am little concerned about my lean weight. I look forward to next-Friday's BOD POD test with great interest. If I even maintain my lean weight at status-quo, much less increase it, this should be great two-week cycle.

Surprisingly, my knees feel great this morning. I am set to do it again today.