Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bod Pod, Round 3

I had my 3rd encounter with the BodPod last Friday, June the 10th. The absolute bottom line is this: I did not outperform the outperformance, but it was a good performance nonetheless.

Over the last 14 day cycle I reduced my fat mass by 7.385 pounds. I increased my lean by a paltry 0.19 pounds, and I reduced my body volume by 3.644 liters.

In one sense, this is a real victory. I had a bad start to the week with a mild knee injury, but I still lost more fat mass than my gastric bypass surgeon would recommend during a two week cycle. At the same time I not only preserved my lean mass, I increased it mildly. This defies the laws of biology. I am proudly defiant.

Still, it was not all I had hoped. Since I lost the first 4 days of this next cycle on vacation in San Francisco, I am uncertain of what this next 2 week cycle will bring. I did check my weight the second I arrived home today, and the results were good. The Tanita said my weight was 242.4 when arrived home this evening around 5:00pm.

Remember, the Tanita is a tad high; approximately 0.85 pounds high. The BodPod would probably say I weigh 241.55. This would indicate a loss of 3.788 pounds already. Is such a thing possible? Well... yes. I suffered a case of food poisoning on Sunday night in San Francisco. I vomited and suffered diarrhea all Sunday night and Monday. I was barely fit for travel this morning when it was time to leave.

Of course, the dehydration that comes with food poisoning is a temporary thing. My weight could snap up again as I recover.

Nevertheless, there is progress. I continue to hear strange rumors brothers and sisters. I will give you two examples. On Saturday morning, I got a text message in my hotel room indicating that a certain female at work [I will code name her M] told several co-workers (on Friday) that yours truly looked like Gerard Butler of 300 fame.

Of course, this struck me as totally preposterous. So stunned was I by this news, that I immediately shot a picture of myself in the Hotel Room Mirror. I was trying to figure out how such a crazy, crazy claim could turn into office gossip. You can see the photo right here on this blog. Incidentally, that's fresh out of the shower, no makeup, shot with an Android phone.

I fired the photo off to my aunt and my mom, and got a nearly immediate reply from my Aunt. She said she had to do a Google image search for Gerard Butler, because she didn't know who he was, but after studying the photos, she totally agreed. She's now telling people her nephew looks like Gerard Butler.

Ask a stupid question and you get a...

Old King Leonidas is one hell of a man. You know, I was once turned down by girl who was totally obsessed with Gerard Butler. This happened back in 2007. I have often thought that if I looked more like that Gerard, my life would be happier. To hear this kind of talk is a little bit more than ridiculous.

It got worse. On Sunday night, my brother and I cooked dinner at Jamie Wong's place in San Francisco. Jamie is my brothers former (?) girlfriend and a longtime reader of this blog. I mentioned this preposterous rumor circulating at work and she said.

"You do look like Gerard Butler, but with a little Sean Connery mixed in."

Well, at least Sean is a Virgo like me. I guess I really look Scottish. You guys better quit or I am going to get a fat head.