Monday, January 2, 2012

Oklahoma St. defeats Stanford 41-38 in OT

I hope all Ram-fans were watching the Fiesta Bowl this evening. Stanford's kicker missed two critical field goals which basically gave the victory to Oklahoma St.  Still, it was one hell of a battle.  However, the much bigger story is Justin Blackmon.  He scored three touchdowns in this game and announced that he will be entering the 2012 draft.  We knew it.  You can read about it and see it here.

This should settle all questions about who our Rams should select with that #2 pick.  I am hearing all manner of rubbish about the Rams selecting a corner with that pick.  You can shove that bullshit.  That pick is going to be used to weaponize Sam Bradford.  That means Justin Blackmon.  He's our kid.  We're taking him.  He will be catching passes from Sam Bradford.  Nobody needs him more than we do.

Justin Blackmon's current #10 ranking won't have anything to do with the decision making process.  You just take a look at that 67 yard catch and run he made against Stanford and you know that #10 ranking is absolutely wrong.  He's way too low.

I want to go on the record saying that Justin Blackmon is my absolute favorite kid in the 2012 draft.  In recent years, Jake Long, Tim Tebow, and A.J. Green have held that title.  This year it is Justin Blackmon.

In case you were wondering, Blackmon is a Capricorn kid, and Sirius 1.1 does show a very high set of synastry scores between me and Justin.  There is a Capricorn-Virgo thing here, but this doesn't have anything to do with my evaluation.  Even the average talent scout knows this kid is special.