Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100% Sports Blackout

So, football season ended a couple of weeks early for me this year.

I am about 72 hours into a 100% sports blackout.  By that I mean that I am conducting a 100% boycott of all sports broadcasts, news, entertainment and information.  I am talking about a 100% free-sports free diet of media.

This means:

  1. No bloody ESPN TV.
  2. No bloody ESPN radio.
  3. No bloody
  4. No bloody NFL Network
  5. No bloody
  6. No bloody Fox Sports Radio
  7. No bloody

Nothing!  I mean jack-nothing.  The next time I tune into the NFL Network, the calendar will say Feb 6, 2012.

I have no intentions of watching the Super Bowl this year.  I will go to the movies for a double-header on Sunday Feb 5, 2012.  I'm not sure what I will see.  Perhaps the new Underworld movie.   Perhaps Man on a Ledge.

This fast is not without pain.  I am missing some of the pre-draft senior games, which are terrific for scouting prospects.

Most painful off all, I caught the two hour BioHD documentary on the Bee Gees.  I was arrested and transfixed in horror, shock and awe.  It only goes to show the kind of hell can be unleashed upon the face of the by one Virgo and two Capricorns when they turn to the dark-side and use their powers for evil.

Just in case you were wondering why I am executing a 100% sports blackout, the answer is simple:  I am pissed about this match-up.  The last thing I ever needed to see in this life is the fucking Patriots in the Super Bowl again.  It is worse still that they will play the New York Giants.

This naturally means a 14 day food-fight between Boston and New York.  Lots of New York Dry-Wall technicians & Boston Longshoremen flicking boogers at each other for 14 days.  I don't need that.

This is a Super Bowl of very limited regional interest.