Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diego's Umbrella's new video

So I mentioned that my brother's band has a new music video out.  They debuted this video on Friday night, and I was there for the event.  A lot of the folks who made the video were present in the venue for the event.

The band is never seen at any point during the video.  It mostly features a very good looking woman in variety of ladies undies.  That's always fun.  It also features a dude she is attempting to woo.

Some very homosexual guys in the band wasted a lot of time after the video, praising how handsome the guy was.  I was offended on multiple levels.  First, you never talk about the goddamn guy in the video.  Second, I am obviously 10,000 times hotter than this poor bastard.  He is unworthy of the honor of smelling my farts.

The girl was present at the show, and she was nearby as I conversed with my brother and several members of the band after the show.  She looked very unhappy.  That's because she wanted to be with me.  It's perfectly understandable, really.  I can't totally understand her despair.  She's on my radar.  I'm considering asking for an introduction.