Monday, July 12, 2010

So what is the big deal about Miami having a party?

So, I think 710 AM is attempting to engineer some rivalry today. Michael Thompson and Andrew Ceciliano were on the radio arguing about whether it was appropriate for Miami to hold a party recently. Strange question.

The official reason for the party was the acquisition of LeBron. According to 710AM, Laker fans either felt it was a dis or laughable. This is non-sequitor It's like saying that Aluminum melts at 900F because Santa Clause has a red nosed reindeer. There's no reason to draw either inference. The whole story may be a fallacy ontop of false premise, but 710 AM was taking a big swing at it anyhow.

The funny thing was the engineering seemed to be working. A few aggravated Laker fans called in with complaints about Miami's party for LeBron. Drew-pooh insisted that everyone at the Dodger game a couple days ago though the party was preposterous and laughable.

I have one question: Why? Because they are acting like they won something. Well, they did. They won the LeBron sweepstakes. No, but they are acting like they won the championship and we (the Lakers) did not. I don't know why you would say that. Well... they are acting like they are guaranteed a championship! I don't know why you would say that.

Folks, I believe most Laker fans are like me. They were probably listening to these fallacious arguments with a quizzical smirk on their faces. This is mostly nonsense. I think the NBA is afraid of a lower Nielson rating next season if Miami meets the Lakers in that much-predicted final. I think they want to stir-up a shitstorm, and make sure the cauldron is boiling when and if this series rolls around. I think this dovetails nicely with 710 AM's need to continue talking Lakers Basketball during the deep-off, prior to the All-Star Game and the advent of football.

Good luck with that, but I am not buying in.

I think one or two of these angry callers were set-ups. I think the others are the nervous sort of Laker fans, who are afraid of loosing a threepete.

So what do I think? Relax. Nothing is proven yet. In Rock 'n Roll history, many super-groups have been assembled. Most could not make any good or memorable music together. How many of them were like Bad English, or the Firm, The Traveling Willburies, or Chickenfoot, or the recently dead Army of Anyone. Most of these projects don't work out like the Fleetwood Mac Rumors project. Not that I am a fan mind you, it's just that Rumors is probably the benchmark for all successful Super-Group projects. Most are like "A Perfect Circle". They succeed a little bit.

So we are going to find out of LeBron, Bosh and Wade can make some beautiful music together. Right now we don't know that they can. This is not to say that they cannot make great things happen together. They just haven't proven they can work together as a team yet. They may do so. If they can, we should have a sensational opponent for next championship series.

Even if they can play together, don't worry about it. Playing Miami is preferable to playing Boston again. I like the prospects. I don't know why you white-knuckle guys are shitting your pants with fear. Just a couple months ago, you were saying that LeBron has a chicken-heart that pumps Cool-Aid.