Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shaafu not Snafu

Like millions of Americans who work banker's hours Monday through Firday, I own an alarm clock. Mine is an AM/FM radio alarm clock. It cost $19.95 at Walmart. Nothing special. I have mine set to wake me at 7:08 am, a haphazard setting, and it is set to play 570AM here in Los Angeles. This is ESPN radio. The first thing I hear in the morning is Dan Patrick, throwing out whatever he deems as 'hot'.

As I came out of my morning coma, I learned that LeBron is probably going to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. So Miami is presumptive favorite to win the LeBron sweepstakes and become my Lakers' next opponent in the 2011 title series. If they can just play well as a unit. Cool... I guess. I feel bad for Cleveland. You have LeBron's mom and... you know who to thank for your misery this morning.

Then what do I hear? The voice of Sam Bradford. He's being interviewed by Dan Patrick by phone.

Before continuing I want to make it clear that I am no longer a fan of the Rams. It is strictly happen-chance that I heard this interview. I was out-of-town until yesterday afternoon, so if there were advertisements of this interview, I did not know about it. I listened with some distain. I would rather not overhear other people's business. This doesn't have anything to do with me.

Would it were that I were a fan of the Rams, I would have found some eyebrow raisering events in this interview. When asked where he had chosen to live in St. Louis, he said he hadn't made that decision. When asked why he hadn't made that decision, he said his verdict has been delayed because he does not yet have a contract. (Everybody knows that.) When asked why he didn't have a contract yet, he said it was because negotiations had not begun yet. When asked why negotiations had not begun yet, he said "I really don't know... they should get started any day now and think it will be a quick process." When asked whether he was going to rent or buy, he said he would rent... probably a condo.

There were other eyebrow raisers, but that is enough for the moment.

Would it were that I was I fan, and I am not, there would be some room for concern here:
1. Reports that Sam Bradford had already purchased a house in St. Louis prior to the 2010 draft appear to be false
2. Sam doesn't have a contract.
3. They are not negotiating yet.
4. Sam is going to rent, not buy.

Would it were that I were a speculator, I would speculate that Devaney is waiting for a collective bargaining agreement, and a rookie cap. He may also be waiting for a resolution of Mr. Kroenke's ownership bid. Both cases would make me plenty unhappy, were I in Sam's shoes.

Would it were that I were a speculator, I would suggest Bradford is displeased and/or disconcerted by these events. Renting in St. Louis could be a negative indicator of several things. Lack of certainty, lack of commitment to the team, or the city. All of this could flow naturally from great uncertainty. "Sign and trade" is also a phrase that has been in the news an aweful lot lately. You gotta wonder.

A week or so ago, the NFL made a formal announcement of 2009 fan-attendance number at the 32 NFL stadiums. The Rams ranked 29th. Not too surprising. This show has been hard to watch lately. You do realize, of course, that there are implications flowing from that fact.

But this is none of my business. I just wanted to point out that failing to start negotiations with rookie #1 pick by July 7th is a highly-irregular thing in the NFL. This is absolutely abnormal. If I were a fan, I would be a little disconcerted, rather than logically optimal. This situation must be described as SHAAFU, not SNAFU. SHAAFU = situation highly abnormal, all fucked up. SNAFU = situation normal, all fucked up. Shaafu not Snafu.

It is also extremely irregular for a top-pick--with tens of millions of dollars waiting in wings--to rent real estate rather than buy. This makes very little sense.

As I said, this is none of my business. I should buttout.