Saturday, July 31, 2010

So I missed by $2 million dollars, so fucking what?

So, the news just broke. Sam Bradford has signed a 6 year $78 million dollar contract with $50 million guaranteed. Throughout the entire 2010 draft cycle I warned it would cost the Rams $80 million over 6 years with $50 million guaranteed.

One desperate shill... er... Ram fan, just as desperate as Devaney, chastised me for throwing around "...completely irresponsible PFA numbers when no contract figures have been discussed." Well, ghee whiz, you are just going to have to pardon my analytical Virgo ass again, I guess.

I was 97.5% accurate on the top figure ($78m vs $80m), and 100% accurate on the bottom line ($50 million guaranteed money). So I missed by $2m bucks? So what? You can miss the bottom line by $2M these days and still be 97.5% accurate. How 'bout 'dem apples?

How did I do it? Its super simple really. You just make a curve plotting all the contract figures for all the #1 pick QBs, and you can see the price has been going up roughly 20% per year. Then you add the fact that Adam Schefter announced that Tom Condon would be seeking a 20% premium over Matt Stafford's contract, and there you have it.

It's so easy a caveman could do it.

Still, the Shills were in denial. They knew that such large figures would be a serious turn off for a lot of Ram fans. They wanted to hush me in the worst possible way. You know, I cannot abide illogical, emotional, irrational thought processes, including those aimed at political manipulation of a situation. Call a spade a spade. Have some balls, you faggots. Admit the facts of the case. Don't shill you pussies.

You won't get more accurate prognostication anywhere folks. I am accuracy incarnated. I have balls. I tell it like it is. Of course, this doesn't mean that Billy Devaney is willing to listen to me regarding anything, now does it?

I hate being right all the time. I am a male version of Cassandra. I know what is going to happen, and I am cursed by the fact that nobody listens or cares. I can never convince anybody of anything for any reason. So why bother?

The NFL Network and ESPN are reporting that the Bradford contract contains playing-time and performance incentives that could drive the maximum value of his contract to $86 million. Now wouldn't it be interesting if it wound up landing right at $80 million.

Now, for this to happen, Sam would have to play all 6 season under his current contract, without renegotiations started by either side, and he would have to hit performance incentive number. Of course, if what I think will happens, happens, that will never happen.

We'll see happens.