Friday, April 16, 2010

'Tis the laughing season

The overwhelming majority of all human beings who have passed through this veil of tears have been illiterate and innumerate. For those who don't know, this mean that they could not read write or perform the most basic arithmetic. In many cultures there are only 3 recognized numbers: One, two and many. We should also be advised that the distribution of intelligence in human populations follows the bell-curve pattern. There are some extremely stupid people, a lot of average people, some smart guys, and just a few exceptional individuals.

I'm exceptional. As such, it's always hilarious for me to read the trade deals offered up by GMs and fans alike. I'm still shocked that the Eagles traded McNabb inside the division. I still can't believe the Steelers gave Holmes away for a 5th. Stunning... just stunning. I still can't believe La Canfora's report that the Steelers would make an exploratory phone call to the Rams, asking us to consider Roethlisburger and the Steelers' first rounder for the absolute #1. Tis the season to give shit away. I still can't believe the Broncos have dismantled themselves completely. I still can't believe the Redskins are/were shopping Albert Haynesworth around for a 3rd.

With that said, the deals suggested by fans are even more preposterous... at least in some ways. I read a deal suggestion made by some Redskin fan in which the Rams should offer the Redskins the absolue #1 for Albert Haynesworth and Jason Campbell. So you get the #1 pick, and we carry out your garbage? No, no, no! You'd get the best DT in football and a proven Pro QB! Right... then why don't you keep them.

A Steeler fan was shocked by the report Jason La Canfora gave us yesterday. In all honesty, so was I. Said Steeler fan insisted that the only way the Steelers would ever deal Roethlisburger is in a big trade deal like the one Chicago gave to Denver last year. Right... So somebody is going to give you a kings random for your serial rapist... er... massive PR head ache? You are forgetting that Cutler was 3 years younger, had a smaller contract. His team put him on the block for no particularly good reason. That's what broke the deal.

This Steeler fan does not understand the rules of the pawn shop. Pawning is bad for the guy pawns.

Then a Cleveland fan suggest the Browns should deal Shawn Rodgers, their #7, and a no-name linebacker to the Rams for the absolute #1. Right... So you get the #1 pick and we carry out the garbage for you. We take your gun toting, 35 year old nose tackle, fresh off re-constructive knee surgery, a no-name linebacker, and your pick. Right...

Lest I show too much partiality to my own, let me say a word about my Rams. My Rams plan to take a frail passer, who hasn't played much in 18 months, fresh off surgical repairs to his passing shoulder, put him behind a weak line, immediately, and expect improvements. Right... Oh did I forget? He's not the top ranked athlete in the draft, and we're going to have to give him something like $80 million with maybe $50 million guaranteed. Oh, did I forget that he has only one #2 type receiver to throw at? Nice...

I'm going to come right out and tell you: That's a laughable pick. No bullshit. If any man can free his mind from the hype of ESPN and the NFL Network, he would clearly see that this is a laughable pick. How cloudy our football judgement becomes when we practice mass-media marketing by the star system.

Do you think you can do any better, Dave? Fuckin'aye! You goddamn betcha I think I can do a lot better than that... fresh out of bed in the morning... without coffee... after taking a couple of Norcos... whilst blindfolded... and hungover... with a concussion... and a common cold... and a massive arthritis attack... and no breakfast...

If you think I am filled with pessimism about where the league and my team is headed, you're right. These are some fuckin' stupid people, and I'm not kidding. There is a fine, fine line between the deals GMs offer each other and the deals fans talk about on the message boards.