Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Sicilian message to Billy Devaney: Your draft class gets a D-

"The boss of bosses wants to have a sit-down with you Mr. Devaney. Don't bring any of your friends."

This is what should be happening here, but since the Rams don't really have an owner just yet, Devaney and Co. are operating with impunity. They are lucky they are operating with impunity. They fucked up major big time. A few more drafts like this and somebody else will be making the calls.

Let's have a look at the Rams draft class of 2010:

Pick Round Overall Name Position School Grade Class Height Weight Speed
1 1 1 Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma 8.7 Junior 6-5 236 ?
2 2 33 Rodger Saffold OT Indiana 8.1 Junior 6-5 316 5.23
3 3 65 Jerome Murphy CB South Florida 7.7 Senior 6-0 196 4.52
4 4 99 Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati 7.0 Senior 6-0 187 4.51
5 5 132 Michael Hoomanawanui TE Illinois 4.3 Senior 6-4 264 4.77
6 5 149 Hall Davis DE Louisiana-Lafayette 7.4 Senior 6-5 271 4.74-4.86
7 6 170 Fendi Onobun Forward Arizona Basketball -- Senior 6-6 252 4.48
8 6 189 Eugene Sims DE West Texas A&M -- Senior 6-6 235 ?
9 7 189 Marquis Johnson DB Alamba -- Senior 5-11 192 ?
10 7 211 George Selvie DE South Florida 4.5 Senior 6-3 252 4.89
11 7 189 Josh Hull LB Penn State 2.9 Senior 6-3 237

That's downright ugly dude. With the exception of the first two picks, and maybe Gilyard, we came away with little or nothing. Particularly egregious were our selections of Defensive Backs and Tight Ends. Somebody smoked a lot of crack before making up that board. I sure hope it wasn't Steve Spaguolo.

There is little doubt that we are drafting poorly. The question is: How bad is it? Did we fuck up as bad as 2006 and 2007? I doubt it, but perhaps I am too much of a hommer. Perhaps I just can't accept the fact that we just had another 2007 draft.

We went into day #3 with a serious need for receivers and tight ends. What did we do? We selected some defensive candidates, many of whom will not make the roster in 2010. I am not the only one who thinks so. Coach Jim Mora Jr, the guy who was just scheming against us in Seattle, just chastized us on the NFL Network for not getting the receivers and tight ends Sam Bradford needs to succeed.

We took basketball players, guys not invited to the combine, folks from South Florida and West Texas A&M. Guys with grades too low to be drafted. Men with rankings like "454th best athlete on the board". Only about 250 guys get drafted each year. We drafted a guy who is known only as "Javier Arenas' backup at Alabama". There are strange, strange pipelines active in the Rams' scouting office.

Perhaps the only pipeline that is active is the crack pipe.

If it works, you are a genius. If it fails, your fired. It's as simple as that. As my old Coronel in the Army used to say to his tank platoon leaders "You got balls but no brains."

I would hate to justify this list to Stan Kroenke. Bill, I am warning you, the boss may cut your head off for this draft in a year or two.