Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm certain it will not happen now

Mike Florio is reporting on Twitter tweets by twitidiots. According to the latest Florio doggerel, Mike Holmgren is interpreted by Howard Balzer as saying the following. Holmgren is willing to part with his No.1, No.2 and No.3 for the absolute #1. The Rams' pick is to be used to obtain Cleveland's QB for the next 15 years: Sam Bradford.

Once again, it never happened. Balzer didn't write that. I dug up the reference piece from the Globe-Democrat, and Balzer said nothing of the kind. All of you who still doubt Florio's integrity should study the two links list above. See how close Florio's interpretation is to accurate. See whether he is extremely creative to the point of absolute distortion.

Balzer simply suggested that Cleveland has some extra picks and an interest in Sam Bradford. Their could be a deal here. I have done just as much. This doesn't mean it's going to happen. More importantly, Balzer didn't report the talks are in progress, or that the deal is going down.

Now that Florio is suggesting it, be assured it will not happen. I hope the deal does happen, but this guy has the reverse midas touch. Every scenario Florio reports on turns to shit.