Sunday, November 22, 2009

There's nothing messy about the NFC Playoff picture

So I just heard a report on the NFL network that my caused my skin to crawl. Tom Waddle said that the NFC playoff picture is extremely messy. Come again? Repeat that please?

Let's see, Arizona holds a 2 game lead on the 49ers in the West and they are about to play my Rams. Nothing messy their. Cardinals are in control in the West.

New Orleans has a 4 game lead in the South. There is nothing messy about that. The question is how soon will they clinch.

Minnesota holds a 3 game lead in the North. Can anybody tell me why that is messy?

Dallas holds a 1 game lead in the East. Now, the East is somewhat questionable because of the extreme inconsistency of the citizens who dwell their. I figure somebody has to win this division. I still reckon Dallas is the best of the breed, and they also happen to hold a 1 game lead. Not too terribly messy.

Now the two wildcard slots... heheheh... well that is totally unclear. However, let me pose this question to you: When was the last time you saw Wildcards decided by midseason? Maybe 1986 when the Giants finished 14-2 and the Redskins were 13-3. Even then, the 2nd Wildcard was not decided until my Rams took it.

There is no reason to complain about the NFC playoff picture. It is a hell of a lot more clear cut now than it was last season.