Monday, November 9, 2009

So VanRam wants to know if Jason Campbell is an option in 2010

While I have enjoyed the writing VanRam for some time now, I'm going to have sound a bit caustic in this post.

Is Jason Campbell an option in 2010? No. Fuck no. Why would you even consider floating that trial balloon? Why even consider it? Why would you want to? I don't know what would trigger that thought.

Barring an unforeseen miracle Resurrection of Bulger, the Rams will undoubtedly make a quarterback their top pick in the 2010 draft. This means we only want and need a short-run stop-gap solution until the youngin is ready for war. Kyle Boller will fit this description just fine thank you very much. No need to go looking for a new used car.

Let's understand that despite a gob-smacking QB efficiency rating of 86.5, Jason Campbell really hasn't show much signs of life in Washington. We all know that Washington came close to dismissing Campbell this very off-season. We all know their offense stinks. It is almost as bad as ours. To say that their's is better than ours, therefore taking their QB constitutes an upgrade for us is a little like saying the Russian made cars were better than Hungarian made cars during the Communist epoch, ergo you should get a Russian car. I got a better idea: Why not buy a Honda instead? Fuck the Russian and Hungarian cars of the communist epoch.

Adding Campbell to our offense is not going constitute any sort of an upgrade. Let's forget about it. Draft Tim Tebow, slap Ferragamo's number on his back, let Boller start for period of time in which we school Tebow on (presumably) the West Coast Offense.