Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In defense of Carrie Prejean

I am sick to death of negative spin surrounding Carrie Prejean. I think is time I got off the fence, got up on my hind legs, and issued a defense of this girl. She also happens to be Kyle Boller's girlfriend, which makes her family... in a certain sense.

At this moment in time, we are in vice grips of a Fascist Left-wing orthodoxy setup by the Gay political forces of this nation. You are not allowed to disagree with the Gay Agenda, for any reason. Fuck free speech, fuck freedom of though, and fuck free political association. That does not apply to the Gay agenda. Their political desires trump your actual and real constitutional rights. Any deviation from the Gay Political Orthodoxy is punishable by any means in which the Gays can work out a punishment. Make one noise in the wrong direction, and the Gay forces of this nation will try to ruin you.

Such is the fate of Carrie Prejean, a girl who stated forthrightly and politely that she did not support Gay Marriage because of her religious beliefs. She has been under non-stop withering assault since that time. She found some shelter with the Religious Right, but now the Gay Fascists of this nation have found a way to destroy that as well.

I call them Gay Fascists because they are clearly using vicious bully-boy tactics to intimidate and silence their opposition. The Gay Fascists can no longer claim any sort of 'moral authority' from victim status. They are now the victimizers.

Specifically, they found a pornographic solo video she did for a boyfriend when she was 17 years old. Now, riddle me this one Batman: Last time I checked, be in possession of a sex video containing a 17 year old girl constituted felony possession of child pornography. A number of pornographers went to jail for possession and distribution of Traci Lords videos made when she was 17. It did not matter that Traci Lords participated lustily in the procedures and was rewarded handsomely with cash.

Memo to Carrie Prejean: Charge your ex-boyfriend with possession and distribution of child pornography. Grill every last one of the Gay fascists who have distributed this video with Child Pornography charges. They started the war, now you can win it. They over played their hand. Now they are vulnerable. Their flanks are unguarded. Destroy them. Take the kill shot.

I want to rebuke all of you in the silent majority who are horrified by what has happens to this girl: It is time for you to stop sitting on the fence. Come out of the closet and defend this girl.