Thursday, November 5, 2009

So how about Bill Polian?

I have a novel idea for turning the Rams around. How about if the new owners (presumably Enos Stanley Kroenke and maybe Ed Roski Jr) hire a good fellow named Bill Polian to be our new President and General Manager? Let's make the Rams his team. Let's give him total control.

For those who don't know Bill Polian, he was the mind behind the Buffalo Bills of the 1990s, the early Carolina Panthers, and current Indianapolis Colts.

Buffalo was a pitiful farce of a football team. Polian constructed the best team never to win the Super Bowl. They totally dominated the AFC for a half a decade, and went to 4 straight Super Bowls. Truth be told, they should have won at least two of those games.

The Panthers had no existence or history at all before Polian constructed them. They got to the NFC championship in year 2 of their existence. They won the NFC in year 7.

Now the Colts... What can we say about the Colts? They were relentless loosers before Polian. The Colts blew one #1 pick after another block buster trade before Polian showed up. The people of Indianapolis used to sing a Blues song called "Lord Help our Colts". The Colts are the finest team of the present decade. They are the best and most consistent winners, year after year. They are the 2000s equivalents of the 1970s Raiders, but they are clean and much more loveable. I believe the Colts are he model franchise. They are the model we should all aspire too.

Polian has been NFL executive of the year 5 times. That doesn't give him nearly enough credit. Who has been better than Polian in the past 10 years?

Polian is probably happy as hell in Indianapolis. The Colts may well be on their way to a 2nd Super Bowl victory this year... If they can get past the Saints. What if they should win the big one again?

Do you think Polian might be a little weary of the easy life? Do you think Polian might want one more mountain to climb? Do you think Polian might crave one more encore performance? Do you think he might want to turn around a 4th organization from lousy to great? He probably already has a spot in the Hall of Fame--a rare thing for an executive--but maybe he might want a little more glory.

Memo to the new Boss Stan Kroenke: Please try to seduce Bill Polian somehow, and get him to take the job.