Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another word on California's HDTV law

Jeff Bertolucci of PC Magazine posted an interesting piece casting out the question of whether California's new ruling on HDTV power consumption will spell out the death warrant for Plasma HDTV.

That is a trifle sensationalistic, and will certainly galvanize the HDTV critics who seem to love the technology. I think the simple answer is "No, the new law will not kill Plasma." The longer answer is as follows: Small plasma will cease to exist. Plasma's between the size of 59inches and 85inches will become the focal point of LG and Panasonic. The small ground will be yielded to LCD and OLED... if OLED ever happens.

I see no reason to weep tears of pain over this potential outcome, as the small sector (HDTVs smaller than 58 inches) are the least compelling segment of the market. I can just hear the chorus of horror out there gawking as I write that. "What the hell are you talking about, David? Everybody buys HDTVs smaller than 58 inches?!?!?!"

I shouldn't have, and neither should you. For the record, I live in an 890 sqft home, although I intend to move to a full-scale 2000+ SqFt home at the start of 2010. Inside my meager 890 sqft apartment once sat a 61 inch HL-S6187W. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to sell that masterpiece to raise revenue for a Luxia UN55B7000. That is a 55 inch unit. I cannot wait to lay my hands on the new 73 inch LaserVue. I am planning to add a rider to mortgage to ensure that I get this unit for my new home. I am going to watch Super Bowl 44 in the greatest of style.

This brings me to the ultimate point of my blog: If you are still targeting HDTVs between the sizes of 37inches and 55inches, you are absolutely and completely wrong. I mean you are dead wrong, with a 100% chance of being 100% wrong. The big screen experience only begins at 55inches. It doesn't end there. It doesn't end at 58inches either. You are being way too conservative. It fit in my apartment, it will fit in yours.

Big doesn't have to cost more. I want you to know that you can buy a big and beautiful 60 inch LG 60PS80 at Fry's this weekend for a meager $1499 bucks (before tax). That is an outrageous deal. It is possibly the best deal on an HDTV that I have ever seen. I turned green with mental illness over the thought that I laid down twice the bucks for an LED LCD Luxia UN55B7000. I fucked up, plain and simple. I fucked up. It should be noted that at half the price, this LG has no sign of motion blur and jutter, two forces that often spoil my enjoyment of NFL football. What do the critics say about this TV? They complain about less than absolute black levels. Once again the black fetish shows itself.

I want to ask the black fetish critics a series of questions:
  1. Why is black the only color you care about?
  2. If black level is important, it stands to reason that white point would be equally important. Why do you never discuss the luminosity of the white point?
  3. Why do you never speak of Red level?
  4. Why do you never speak of Green level?
  5. Why do you never speak of Blue level?
  6. Why do you fetishize black
Before you answer, understand this: I have already heard and read all the arguments about the importance of black levels. You are answering for the general public. They need to hear your feeble case. I get it. Believe me, I totally get it, and I think it is completely stupid fetish to obsess about. There is no argument you can spin that can justify the quantity of HTML byte space you have squandered writing about this subject.

The LG 60PS80 is an absolutely fantastic HDTV. If you don't have an HDTV, run right out and buy this unit. You will thank me. You will love the hell out of it.